Details Revealed From R. Kelly's Latest Recorded Sex Footage With A 14-Year-Old Girl

Details Revealed From R. Kelly's Latest Recorded Sex Footage With A 14-Year-Old Girl

Kelly's reported statements on the tape are alarming.

Published February 26, 2019

The gruesome details of R. Kelly’s reported and recently uncovered sex footage with a 14-year-old victim, provided by attorney Michael Avenatti, have been revealed following reports of at least two others in existence.

As one of the lead attorneys representing an accuser of the disgraced R&B singer, Avenatti has kept the public updated via Twitter, stating that he turned the video over to prosecutors along with other solid evidence against Kelly. Some of the evidence, he added, also contains proof that “Kelly and his enablers purposely hid this tape from prosecutors in connection with his 2008 trial.” Avenatti concluded that they also obstructed justice by paying witnesses hush money and other bribery funds to help demolish copies of the tape before that trial.  

He revealed in his latest statement that Kelly's presence in the most recent tape turned in to authorities, however, is undoubtedly confirmed by way of four disturbing statements heard on the tape.

Reader discretion is advised:

  1. As revealed in Avenatti's report, Kelly repeated statements to the victim such as "give me that 14-year-old p**sy" and "spread those legs and show me that 14-year-old p**sy." The attorney also cited the victim referring to her age throughout the tape as well. 

  2. According to CNN, Avenatti previously reported that one of the three uncovered videotapes showing Kelly in “illegal sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl” was approximately 55 minutes long. “It leaves no doubt as to R. Kelly’s guilt as to these serious sex crimes against underage girls,” he concluded on Twitter.

    We’ll keep you updated on more developments on this case as they become available. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)


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