Premiere: Rebstar Is Leading The Rosengård Revolution In New 'EMERGENCY' Single

Premiere: Rebstar Is Leading The Rosengård Revolution In New 'EMERGENCY' Single

The Scandinavian rap star taps into new lyrical territory and spotlights home territory for his first single of 2019.

Published March 21, 2019

Scandinavian rap artist Rebstar is well on his way to becoming a household hip-hop name in Sweden.

After earning his stripes on top spots of international music charts, bagging recognition from Forbes magazine and working alongside hip-hop’s finest, such as Drake, Trey Songz and T-Minus, Rebstar is turning even more heads on U.S. soil with his new single, “EMERGENCY.” 

Drawing ears to the unspoken trauma and turmoil crippling his home, the Malmo-native employs sonically harrowing production to deliver his call to action: “Someone’s screaming murder/ No one screams emergency.” Most hip-hop heads might categorize such lyrical content as “conscious rap,” melding the forces of activism, awareness and hip-hop into a narrative-driven banger — a sharp left turn from Rebstar’s preexisting catalog. In his new, inner-directed territory, he flexes his savvy to build quality sound and lyricism around the cyclic conditions of ego, violence and destruction of his Swedish neck of the woods.

“Shootings outside of cafés,” Rebstar says of the current climate of his hometown. “Grenades thrown into apartments. Bombs going off in pizzerias.” Perhaps, the urgency of “EMERGENCY” was more pressing than he thought, considering that he didn’t discover his own desensitization until removing himself from such conditions. “It never dawned on me how bad things really were — not until I saw the reactions of outsiders when they’d hear the news.”

As a timely jump start to his April-arriving Rosengård album, titled after the neighborhood he grew up in, Rebstar is nobly spotlighting the overlooked community of his stomping grounds as well. “If you Google Rosengård,” he explains of the album, “it’s described as Sweden’s most infamous neighborhood. An immigrant ghetto. A war zone. Used as a scapegoat by extreme right-wing parties. In a sea of blonde hair and blue eyes, Rosengård is Sweden’s black sheep.”

As leader of the Mass Appeal-coined “Swedish Invasion,” Rebstar’s “EMERGENCY” is only the beginning of the Rosengård revolution and the 2019 éclat surfacing on the horizon of his rap reach. 

“It’s time to rewrite the narrative,” Rebstar declares.

Hear how he’s planning to do so with the brand new “EMERGENCY” single, below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Courtesy of Today Is Vintage)


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