Gucci Mane And Migos' Takeoff Clash On Instagram Over 'Fake Chains'

Gucci Mane And Migos' Takeoff Clash On Instagram Over 'Fake Chains'

And here's why some fans are choosing the Migos' member's side...

Published April 29th

As it appears, MigosTakeoff was forced to hop on social media and address some “cap” from Gucci Mane's recent Instagram post featuring a throwback of the Atlanta trio and Guwop.

Recently Gucci took to his Instagram to post a flashback Friday clip from Migos' 2013 "Holmes" music video. The visual, which featured Gucci and Young Scooter, also shows a visibly younger Takeoff with another Migos member, Quavo. Gucci posted the video with a caption that detailed the moments leading up to filming:

  1. "@quavohuncho @yrntakeoff both threw away the fake chains they had on cuz I gave them them both the 2chains off my neck," Gucci boasted in the caption before sharing a story about Offset, who was incarcerated at the time. "[That] same day @offsetyrn called from jail and told me send racks to his lawyer to get him out and I did that the same day off our first conversation."

  2. Apparently, the post didn’t sit right with Takeoff (widely-known as the more modest member of the Migos group), and he didn’t hesitate to share his side of the story:

    "Das Cap U Kno Dat... But I'm So Blessed We Gon Leave It @ Dat... Thank You,” he commented on Gucci’s post.

    Just as swiftly, Gucci clapped back at Takeoff's “cap” accusations, insisting that his memory served him correctly. "Boi U cap, U ain't forget," he wrote back, ending the rebuttal with a money bag emoji.

  3. Like they say, there are three sides to every story- and we're unsure who is telling the truth. One thing's for sure, is that this isn't Gucci Mane's first time detailing this story. Back in 2017, in his book, The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, the rapper told the same exact story:

    Gucci wrote:

    “The first thing I noticed about these boys was that they had on a bunch of fake-ass jewelry. I took two gold necklaces off my neck, gave one to each of them, and told them I wanted them to be on my label... Shortly after Migos left, Scooter called me out of the booth. There was something I needed to see. ‘You see those boys threw their jewelry in the trash can?’ I figured Scooter was trying to be funny, making a joke about those bullshit chains. But I looked in the trash can and sure enough, there they [chains] were.”

  4. But considering the exchange between the Atlanta trapateers came rather spontaneously, it wasn’t clear for fans whether Gucci was simply feeling nostalgic or tossing around some shade. Nonetheless, reactions were split down the middle, and while it appears some have sided with Gucci, others are convinced that it’s Takeoff who has “no cap.” See why below:   


Written by Soraya "Sojo" Joseph

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/Wireimage, Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)


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