Wait, Is Crime Mob’s Princess And Diamond Making A Comeback?

Princess and Diamond from Crime Mob

Wait, Is Crime Mob’s Princess And Diamond Making A Comeback?

This one tweet has fans convinced the first ladies of crunk are getting back together just in time for the hot girl summer.

Published July 18, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

It’s about to be some knuckin’ and buckin. 



  1. Earlier this year, Solange had Black Twitter perched for an official Crime Mob reunion between Diamond and Princess after the singer got to the two femcees to link up for her Met Gala after-party. Things got buckwild in the streets after clips of Solo having the ratchet time of her life hit social media. Fans were vicariously living for every moment of it.

    It also had many fans hoping that the surprise get-together signaled that the first ladies of crunk were ready to make a return to music. 


  2. Now, one innocuous tweet has the Mob dusting off their A1s and stilettos. Yesterday (July 17), an unverified account called Girls With Bars casually said that Princess and Diamond are dropping new music next week. No word if it's an album, per fan wishes, or a single, but the Mob is ready for it. 




  3. “Princess & Diamond formerly of the rap group Crime Mob are back making music together. They drop new music next week,” the unverified account tweeted. Given how hip-hop is currently at an unprecedented moment for ladies in rap making headway in the game, fans are all the way here for Diamond and Princess re-upping and delivering our next ratchet anthem, ala “Knuck If You Buck.”

(Photo: Ben Rose/WireImage)


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