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Diddy Has Words For Both Colin Kaepernick And Jay-Z Amid Controversial NFL Deal

Diddy Has Words For Both Colin Kaepernick And Jay-Z Amid Controversial NFL Deal

Puff says the deal is bigger than just the NFL.

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 26, 2019 / 02:23 PM

Written by Danielle Ransom

Nearly two weeks after Jay-Z’s multi-year collaboration with the NFL was announced, it has continued to stoke a conversation about the convergence of social justice and capitalism. 

  1. The partnership ignited an intense debate that has largely been divided into two schools of thought: those who support the union and those in direct opposition. On the former half, some believe Jay will be able to actively leverage the deal to fill in the holes of the league's missing social justice initiatives. On the latter, others believe it's a sour slap in the face to blackballed football quarterback Colin Kaepernick. As of now, no further details have been revealed as to what Jay’s deal will encompass outside of the entertainment realm, leaving more to remain to be seen.

    The Roc Nation honcho has bore the brunt of harsh criticism across social media since the deal was first revealed. Despite that, he's still remained notably silent on the public front. So far, his mother-in-law, Tina Knowles-Lawson, has been the first and only person from Jay’s inner circle to speak up in his defense. Yesterday, she spoke her piece on Jay’s critics. Now, hip-hop mogul Diddy is the latest to speak out with respects to both him and Kaep. 

  2. Instead of a rebuttal, Puff shared a poignant message in a direct address to the Black community

    Taking to social media on Monday morning (Aug. 26), Puff appealed that people deriding Jay need to look at the bigger picture and motioned for people to stop pitting Jay and Kaep against one another.

    Puff began his message by stating that he initially had reservations about speaking up on behalf of Jay. But he could not hold his tongue any longer as he watched his close friend get torn apart online. He then testified that Hov “has been there more than anybody from the hip hop culture.”

  3. “He has always been so selfless and fights for other people,” the Bad Boy honcho penned. 

  4. 'We as a people can not be divided and conquered at this time!!,'⁣ he continued...

    Puff acknowledged that both Colin and Jay are fighting the good fight, albeit on different paths. He reiterated that he will continue to support Colin “in every way possible,” but he believes a greater good can be achieved by enacting change from within. 


  5. 'It’s time to play chess not checkers, I believe he is going to do some incredible things,' Diddy stated

    Continuing on that point, Puff outlined that Jay’s NFL deal and what it could possibly accomplish is bigger than the football league itself.

    “It’s about how black and brown people are treated daily across this country. We have to come together and make the hard decisions, nobody is going to do it for us,” Diddy wrote. “⁣I believe in taking action, taking steps towards the right direction and I support all my brothers that are out here taking ACTION. Together we are unstoppable. #BLACKEXCELLENCE!! Happy Monday!! Be Great!”

  6. Killer Mike, who was one of the first people to get behind Jay’s NFL deal, hopped in Diddy’s comment section to affirm Puff’s message

    “Well stated, Puff! Bravo black man! Bravo to all us pushing,” the Atlanta native commented.

    Read the rest of Diddy’s thoughts on Jay-Z’s NFL deal in full below: 


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