Rumi Carter’s Voice In Beyoncés ‘Making The Gift’ Documentary Exploded The Internet’s Heart

Rumi Carter sits on the lap of her mother, Beyoncé, as they practice animal sounds.

Rumi Carter’s Voice In Beyoncés ‘Making The Gift’ Documentary Exploded The Internet’s Heart

Hear the Carter twin heiress like you’ve never heard her before.

Published September 17, 2019

Written by Diamond Alexis

Beyoncé’s documentary run for 2019 leapt onto ABC for Monday night (September 16) with Making the Gift: the official behind-the-scenes look at the making of her executively-produced soundtrack opus, Lion King: The Gift.

  1. As previewed in the trailer of the wildly-anticipated ABC special, which dropped one day before the premiere on Sunday (September 15), Bey and the artists, songwriters, producers and every musical contributor in between spoke to the moments of their individual recording experiences for each track while crafting the project.

    Several of those moments from the Queen Bey not only included her grasp of African roots and the diaspora, but their grounding into her own bloodline. But there was one particular scene with Rumi Carter, one of the 2-year-old Carter twins, that left the internet swooning. 

  2. For the first time ever, the internet got to hear baby Rumi's voice while she practiced the animal sounds with mama Bey. “What does the cow do?” Bey asks before Rumi adorably mimics the cow sounds. Afterward, she lets out a giggle that could melt the heart of a lion, which is the next animal she flawlessly imitates. 

  3. Among other sweet spectacles of the documentary, Rumi’s cameo was one of the biggest that drew eyes, ears and tears from the BeyHive. And they’re bleeding love for the twin Carter heiress all over the internet. 

    See some of the most extreme reactions to princess Rumi’s Making the Gift moment below:  

(Photo: ABC)


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