Big Boi Addresses André 3000 Album Rumors

Big Boi, Andre 3000

Big Boi Addresses André 3000 Album Rumors

ATLiens, you'll want to see this...

Published September 19, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

ATL icons Big Boi and Sleepy Brown recently stopped by Atlanta’s Majic radio show, Ryan Cameron’s Uncensored Speak, to discuss their newly released song, “Intentions,” featuring Cee Lo Green. Naturally, the conversation turned to the rumors of an album from Big Boi’s ever-elusive OutKast collaborator, Andre 3000.

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  1. Yesterday (Sept. 18), U-N-I veteran Thurz had casual fans and hip-hop heads alike fired up after he told Real 92.3’s Home Grown Radio that he had recently saw Mr. 3 Stacks in the studio with super producer Dr. Dreno less.

    The hosts pressed the California rapper for more information on the spotting. He confirmed “he got [an] album.” Although he just as quickly backtracked and stated he might have been jumping to conclusions too soon. "He played a lot of ideas that sounded like an album to me," he clarified. Like clockwork, his words spread like wildfire across social media and fans readied their pockets and bank outs for a total wipe out at the mere mention of an Andre solo effort.

  2. However, the Dungeon Family members refuted the reports of Andre working on an album, calling them “lies.” The show’s host, Cameron, read an article to the Dungeon Family members regarding the rumor that Andre was working on a solo album before they laughed it off. “He was probably playing some music, but he’s not working on a record,” Big Boi responded. “He’s been recording songs for years. Kinda recording, kinda just stacking up, but structured record? Nah, not yet.”

  3. If Big Boi’s word isn’t enough, the Son of Chico Dusty revealed that his brother-in-rhyme reached out to him personally to dispel the rumor. Apparently, there’s a Dungeon Family group chat. Andre, who is currently busy in Philadelphia shooting for AMC's television series Dispatches From Elsewhere, hit them up and squashed the rumor himself. 

    “He personally hit us and said, ‘Look man, if I was gon’ do this, y'all be the first to know,‘" he said.

  4. Sleepy Brown cleared the air, surmising that Thurz probably just heard ‘Dre tinkering around in the studio. 

    "The story is that he was in the studio with Anderson .Paak when Anderson .Paak was working on his thing and he played him some songs to see if he wanted to work on one of them," Brown explained. "I guess that guy was there [and] heard the songs." 

    The story checks out considering Cupid Valentino recently assisted Anderson's Ventura album for its opening track, “Coming Home.” But as for Andre's own project, we, too, are saddened by the news of a false alarm.

    Sorry, ATLiens. 

    Watch them dispel the rumor in the segment below: 

(Photo: Paul R. Giunta/FilmMagic, Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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