Meek Mill Made A Harrowing Confession About Hollywood, And Fans Are Pouring Out Supportive Words

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - OCTOBER 28: Meek Mill onstage during Criminal Justice Town Hall On Policing at Community College of Philadelphia on October 28, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images)

Meek Mill Made A Harrowing Confession About Hollywood, And Fans Are Pouring Out Supportive Words

“All this money and this fame kinda ruined me as a person…”

Published December 27, 2019

Written by Alexis Reese

Despite a markedly successful 2019, Philly rap star Meek Mill came to a heart-to-heart with the realities of his Hollywood lifestyle Thursday (Dec. 26) via Twitter. 

Meek revealed to his 8.8 million followers that he believesmoney and fame somewhat “ruined  [him] as a person.” He added that though he’s watched several people change for the worse during his career, he  already had plans in motion to make a billion dollars sooner than we think.

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  1. Appreciative of his dispiriting, but honest, admission about himself, fans of the Championships artist responded with open arms and supportive words: 

  2. Despite the revelation, Meek has been setting his career up for major success. Since his early prison release in 2018, he’spositioned himself in a circle of financial wealth that’s lined up with some of Forbes top-earners of the entertainment industry, including executive music moguls and professional sports team owners.  Meek leveled up his resume in 2019 when he launched his criminal justice reform, REFORM Alliance, in January with Jay-Z. The vision of the alliance is to “dramatically reduce the number of people who are unjustly under the control of the criminal justice system - starting with probation and parole.”

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    Meek continuing piling up the dollars when he announced that he was the new co-owner of Lids, a popular  hat and licensed sports product retailer. In late July, the recording artist also partnered with Hov yet again when the two unveiled their joint Roc Nation record label, Dream Chaser Records, under the Roc Nation umbrella. 

    His presence on Twitter has also become more noticeable amid his recent absence on Instagram, in which the “Going Bad” rapper deleted his Instagram page. As reported by several outlets, such as The Source, the deactivation came shortly after his rumored girlfriend Milan Harris, fashion designer and founder of the fashion brand, Milano Di Rouge, announced that she was pregnant. 

  3. View this post on Instagram

    Yesterday was so amazing. Being able to share my vision and my Journey over the past 7yrs and having my team execute it so perfectly brought me so much joy. Those of you that know me know how I feel about @milanodirouge and knows how I always tie what I’m going through at the time with my fashion show (2016 show I shared the journey of opening the store, 2017 I announced my move to la, 2018 I took all the hate & backlash I received and turned it into a positive message about self hate in the black community) and this year was no different. For the first 3.5 months I’ve been super sick and unable to work and move like I use to do. The moment I started feeling even a little better & had more energy I wanted to do my annual fashion show because I pushed it back 2x already this year. Im a creative, so I didn’t want to announce my pregnancy to the world or even to my family with just a photo of my baby bump. I wanted to create a moment that I could cherish and remember forever. We planned this show in 6 weeks and I have to say this was the hardest show we’ve planned to date but all in all I’m so happy with the turn out. Being surrounded by my family, friends, team members, customers and supporters meant so much to me and seeing y’all enjoy the show that we worked so hard on and your reaction to the poets, Ballerina’s, the video of my journey and the reveal of my pregnancy was priceless. Thank you all ❤️ As for the blogs, again those of you that know me know how private I am and know that I dont like being featured on gossip blogs, I’m not a celebrity. I’m just a hard working business woman that use my brand and platform to inspire others to make their dreams a reality, and to never give up on their dreams & that’s how I would like it to stay. I dont want to be apart of that negative blog world. I am a human being, I do not want to wake up to public statements about my private life. I want to continue to decide what i want to share on social and what I dont want to be shared and i have every right Please respect that. Brand @milanodirouge Her @womanaireclub Hair extensions @grandluxextensions Hair @nyelamonetrance Makeup @tyshala Stylist @amiraavee

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    Nonetheless, Meek has consistently remained at full force in his career efforts and kept the musical momentum strong, so we’re glad to know he’s sharpening his focus amid the revelation. 

    What remains to be seen is whether 2020 will notch on another successful year for him, and by the looks of his wins thus far, the answer is certainly leaning in his favor.  

(Photo: Brian Stukes/Getty Images)


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