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DaBaby’s Lawyer Says The Woman Who Came Forward Is Not The Alleged Slap Victim

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DaBaby’s Lawyer Says The Woman Who Came Forward Is Not The Alleged Slap Victim

The internet is divided about his lawyer’s claims for a very specific reason...

Published March 12th

Written by Danielle Ransom

DaBaby’s ordeal with his alleged slapping victim just took a wild spin. 

Earlier this week, a woman named Tyronesha Laws came forward and identified herself as the woman who was seen on video suffering a slap from the North Carolina rap star at his recent Florida concert. 

  1. On Wednesday (March 11), Laws spoke out about the incident for the first time to TMZ and recounted her version of the experience via a video call. Per her account, it was another woman who shone the  flashlight in DaBaby’s face, but she was the one who suffered the hit. Laws recalled toTMZ that she was standing next to the women who she believes flashed DaBaby, and fell on top of the woman after DaBaby struck her. Laws claimed that the altercation left her with a “contusion” on her right cheekbone. Later in the video, she shared that her lawyer, Matt Morgan, has reportedly spoken to DaBaby’s legal team too.  

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  2. However, DaBaby’s attorney, Drew Findling, is now vehemently denying Laws’ version of the altercation and asserts that Laws is not the slap victim, as reported by TMZ. Findling contends that enhanced footage of the incident shows the Kirk rapper slapping an individual who allegedly struck him with their phone and not the person standing to the left or the right of the alleged victim. 

    Findling further shared that his law firm has been contacted by multiple people claiming to be the victim, TMZ reports. Thus far, they reportedly have not established the identity of the person from the video, but they’re adamant that the individual is not Laws. 

  3. The internet critics have also weighed in on the incident, including fans and non-fans alike. Some are firmly siding with DaBaby, claiming that his reaction was justified given what preceded the slap. Others, however, hold that there’s no way possible him nor his lawyers could know whether Laws was the victim or not, especially after Baby expressed that he could not see who was on the other end of the phone. 

    Check out how they’re weighing in on the latest update to the incident below: 

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