21 Savage’s Fans Are Concerned He Has Coronavirus

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21 Savage’s Fans Are Concerned He Has Coronavirus

The rapper, who hasn’t been tested, denies the rumors.

Published March 15th

Written by Shari Logan

21 Savage has sparked concern among his fans that he has contracted coronavirus after he posted a video to his Instagram stories describing symptoms consistent with the pandemic virus. 

In the video posted to social media on Saturday (March 14), Savage says, "I been breaking down my symptoms I been feeling and shit. Everybody keep talking 'bout it sound like coronavirus. So I say, 'OK, say less.' Where could I have received this coronavirus from? So, I go to thinking about my schedule. OK, where I went? OK, we went to the club the other night.” 

21 also questioned that if he was in the club with several other people and none of them are sick with coronavirus to his knowledge, how could he be infected with the virus? 

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"So I'm like, ain't no way in hell I caught it in the club, 'cause I know it ain't just skipped over and came straight to me type shit," he said. "'Cause it's like, damn, whoever the higher power is, bruh, I know it's 60, 70 fuck n***as in the club. I came with some of the fuck n***as. So, I know it's a good amount of fuck n***as in the club tonight," he said. "Ain't no way in hell this shit done skipped over all these fuck n***as and just landed right on me,” he said in the video. 

However, health experts say the deadly coronavirus does spread quickly in crowded areas such as clubs and those infected could be asymptomatic for up to two weeks — meaning, any of the seemingly healthy people Savage encountered at the club or elsewhere could have passed on the virus to him. 

By the end of 21’s Instagram story, he concluded that he has a sinus cold but admitted everyone will think it is coronavirus.

"It don't matter what I describe. If I describe anything during these times, it's automatically, 'Oh, he got the coronavirus.' I can call them folks and say whatever, they still gon' say, 'coronavirus,'" he said.

Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Rolling Stone


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