Scarface Looks Visibly Shaken Talking About Suffering From Coronavirus Complications

ATLANTA, GA - JULY 28:  Rapper Scarface performs onstage during "The Legends of Hip-Hop" concert at Wolf Creek Amphitheater on July 28, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Scarface Looks Visibly Shaken Talking About Suffering From Coronavirus Complications

In a new interview, the rapper said, "This is not fake."

Published March 26, 2020

Written by BET Staff

Prayers up for Scarface. The Houston rapper has been suffering from coronavirus, and resurfaced on Thursday (March 26) for an interview with fellow Geto Boys member Willie D to speak about his experience. 

Scarface, whose real name is Brad Jordan, says he first started feeling symptoms about three weeks ago. He first felt an itch in his throat and started taking medicine. A few days later, he had a 103 degree fever and went to the emergency room, where he was treated and released. However, in a few more days, he says he was struggling to breathe and felt like an "elephant was sitting on my chest." He returned to the emergency room, where he was tested for coronavirus.

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"This whole three weeks has been an ordeal," Scarface says. "It's the craziest I've ever seen in my life. I've been to the point where I felt I was gonna die."

Scar is back home now and, while he says he's "not out the woods yet," he appears to be out of immediate danger. Still, he looks and sounds very ill during the interview. "I'm on that other side now, thank God," he says to Willie, adding, "You need to relay and convey that message to everybody that this is not fake." 

He continues, "And me, as cautious as I am with the s**t that I's no way you could've told me I had COVID. I haven't been nowhere. I haven't been flying nowhere, I haven't been in contact with nobody. I haven't invited anybody to my house."

Clearly, Scarface is taking his condition seriously and is urging others to do the same. He tells Willie he hopes his story will "save lives" in the community, especially considering rumors that COVID-19 is some kind of hoax.

Watch the full interview, below:

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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