Erykah Badu Takes Us 'Room To Room' In Her House With Second Live Quarantine Concert

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Erykah Badu Takes Us 'Room To Room' In Her House With Second Live Quarantine Concert

She and her band were separated by walls.

Published April 5th

Written by Alexis Reese and Nigel Roberts

Erykah Badu thrilled her fans with a live-streamed quarantine concert Sunday (March 5) night. She started packing the virtual house long before her performance went live, and she didn’t disappoint!

It was the artist’s second installment for what she is calling an interactive “Quarantine Concert Series.” 

The concert featured the Neo-Soul songstress and her full band starting at 8/7c on Sunday (April 5) Badu as she premieres “Apocalypse Two: The Rooms.” Fans that livestream the show will be asked to pay an admission price of $2 before they can “move from room to room inside her home, exploring and experimenting with different genres of music interpreted through her catalog of hits,” as told in a press release. She has also placed a “Donate” button on her site for those who want to throw in some cash to help first responders and others suffering from the spread of coronavirus.

“I’m the laziest artist in the world. My dream was always to perform from my bed and guess what? It came through!” she said in an interview.

With a variety of cameras and technology set up in her home audience members are in for a treat! 

The concert is happening now at Badu World Market.

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images


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