Time In The Sunshine: Here’s What Drake Has Been Up To While Vacationing In Barbados

TORONTO, ON - JUNE 17:  Rapper and Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador, Drake, attends the Toronto Raptors Championship victory parade on June 17, 2019 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Isaiah Trickey/Getty Images )

Time In The Sunshine: Here’s What Drake Has Been Up To While Vacationing In Barbados

Champagne Papi’s is definitely enjoying his time on the island that coincidentally happens to also be Rihanna’s homebase.

Published July 16th

Written by BET Staff

After being deep in quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic for the last four months, it’s completely understandable why some of us are jumping for the chance to get away. It’s even easier when you have your own private plane to take you anywhere you want to go and it appears Drake is just one celeb who is taking some time off to bask in the sun and the blue, sea water of the Caribbean.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Drake touched down in Barbados earlier this week. The OVO mogul has been spotted on social media finding all kinds of creative ways to have fun across the island. 

There’s also the odd coincidence that Barbados is Rihanna’s home country. The two (who both happen to be single right now as far as we know) have sparked rumors of romance for years, particularly after they had a whole moment during DJ Spade and DJ Night Owl Sound’s soundclash back in March

Despite the fact that Barbados has only had seven coronavirus related deaths during the worldwide pandemic, the island is a beautiful haven for rest and relaxation. It’s anyone’s guess why Drake is there, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating. Here’s a look at what he’s been up to during his vacation so far.

  1. Drake lands in Barbados.

    According to local reports, Air Drake landed in Barbados sometime on Sunday (July 13), and it didn’t take long for news of his arrival to spread. A video made its way to social media the next day. In the clip, Drake can be seen casually traipsing through the streets of the island at night with drink in hand and OVO entourage in tow. He also took the time to pose for photos with a few local fans.

  2. Drake takes to the court.

    It appears Drake is drawing more fans to the basketball court than the Toronto Rappers. TMZ reported that a large crowd gathered to watch him and his boys shoot some hoops despite the sweltering tropical heat. 

  3. Drake makes a visit to Rihanna’s childhood home.

    Chatter really got buzzing online after photos surfaced of Drake and his OVO crew hanging out in front of the Barbadian superstar’s childhood home which is literally on a street named Rihanna Drive. To be fair, the Barbados Ministry of Tourism renamed the street in 2017, but the move still earned him a few side-eyes. RihRih’s brother, Rorrey Fenty has also been spotted hanging out with the rapper’s entourage during the trip.

  4. Drake makes time for his people.

    It’s not everyday that you just catch Drake out and about. Unless, you're this lucky fan who had a rare encounter with the 6 God. One young man happened to catch Drake passing him in a car and asked the rapper for a quick snap, which he happily obliged. What the fan didn't anticipate was Drake giving him a fist bump, causing him to hilariously yell out in surprise. It appears Drake was amused by the interaction as well because he shared their exchange on his Instagram page.

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  5. Drake and his body art are topics for conversation.

    Photos of the 33-year-old hitting the sandy beaches shirtless during his trip surfaced online on Wednesday (July 17). The candid shots also provided a rare glimpse of his story telling body ink, including portraits of his parents, right-hand man and producer Noah “40” Shebib, and Aaliyah amongst others. Drake also did a little flexing, posting an upclose shot  of himself chilling in a pool from the chest up showcasing his owl chest tattoo on Instagram.


  6. Drake gets inspiration for his forthcoming album.

    Over the last few months, Drake has been teasing that his next album is about to drop any day now. He has steadily been building up anticipation for his sixth studio album by dropping off tracks like “Toosie Slide”  “When to Say When,” “War” and “Chicago” in March. Only to surprise-drop off an entire EP, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, a month later, promising that the real deal was coming soon in the summer.

    In early July, he gave his fans a status update that the album was “80 percent done.” In the midst of his getaway, Drake posted a photo from inside what appears to a studio washed in blue light. In case fans were wondering if he took a break from finishing the album, he also posted a meme to let them know he’s still in work mode. This was right after DJ Khaled announced his two-pack collab with the OVO honcho that’s scheduled to drop on Friday (July 17).

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(Photo: Isaiah Trickey/Getty Images )


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