Cardi B Almost Had A Panic Attack While On Set For ‘WAP’ Music Video

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Cardi B Almost Had A Panic Attack While On Set For ‘WAP’ Music Video

With this being her first music release in over nine months, Cardi admitted that fans’ high expectations got to her.

Published August 7th

Cardi B is no stranger to the pressures associated with being one of the hottest hip-hop artists in the game.

Fresh off the release of her hotly-anticipated collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, the Grammy-winning rapper opened up in a new interview with Apple Music Beats 1 radio show about the trepidation she felt about putting out new music.

  1. With this being her first music release in over nine months, Cardi admitted that the weight of fans’ expectations got to her a bit. Though the nerves didn’t fully sink in until she was on set to film the tantalizing music video for “WAP.”

    “And that moment, I was having a little panic attack,” Cardi recollected. “Even when my team was saying like, ‘the girls are here, you got to go downstairs.’ I'm like, ‘Oh my gosh. Oh my God, Laura, hold on, give me one second,’” Cardi recollected. Though she was a little nervous, Cardi said her mood turned around once filming began.

    “It's so hard for me to do eye contact and everything, but I was just really excited to see all the girls,” she said. “They looked so sexy [and] so pretty on some G s**t. Every artist, every influencer, everybody that was in the music video. It means a lot to me. I haven't put out a song like in nine months. And when you don't put out music in nine months, people on social media will make you feel like you're doing something bad or like you went away. They will make you feel really down like you ain't s**t.”

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    Though Cardi is known for her boldly brash demeanor, she shared that she’s still getting used to fame and navigating the music businesses. 

    “This is a big, important video for me. It's a big, important song. I feel like I'm back in 2017,” she said. “So I feel like I'm re-birthing myself or something. I don't know what it is, but I just, my nerves have been really crazy. It just made me feel good.”

    Cardi had nothing but praises to sing for all of the ladies that took part in her girl power-fueled video for “WAP,” which features cameos from Kylie Jenner, Normani and Rosalía to rising artists Sukihana, Rubi Rose and Mulatto.

    "I wanted a lot of different females, not just female rappers, from models to influencers and everything,” she said of the visual. “I really wanted the video to be very sexy, very clean, very nice, very cute. These are the girls that I personally like. They [sic] music [and] feel they are going to go mainstream, to me.”


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    While many fans hoped that “WAP” would be a prelude for what’s to come in terms of new music from Cardi, the rap star expressed that she wants to wait until the situation around the coronavirus pandemic is more under control before putting out an entire album.

    “I do want to put more songs out. It's just it's really hard to. There's something that has just been sucking life out of putting music like this whole f***ing coronavirus. It's just really f**-ks with things and how you want to move. Like I don't want to put my next song with a f***ing video in my backyard,” the rap star clarified. She said it took three weeks for all of the different outfits worn in the music video for “WAP” to ship overseas.

    “This is really this kind of uncomfortable. I want to be around b**ches. I want to do an interview in person. This is weird to me,” Cardi continued. Y'all gotta feel me. Y'all can't feel me like this, and I want to tour. I want to f***ing be able to f***ing perform my song.”

  4. Listen to Cardi B’s full interview with Apple Music Beats 1 below to hear what else she had to say about supporting other female rappers and navigating the music industry.

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