Damon Dash Accused of Being a "Deadbeat Dad"

Damon Dash Accused of Being a "Deadbeat Dad"

The mother of the mogul's son calls him out for failing to pay child support and interfering with son's college plans.

Published July 9, 2011


Damon Dash's financial woes keep piling up.


The music and film mogul, who rose to fame and fortune as Jay-Z's former business partner, already owes millions in back taxes. And now, Dash is being called out for failing to support his son financially. In an interview with RadarOnline, Linda Williams, Dash’s ex-girlfriend and mother to 19-year-old Damon Dash Jr., called him a “deadbeat dad” who refuses to support their son financially. Williams is currently suing Dash over failure to pay court-ordered child-support payments of $425 a week.

She also accused him of impeding their son’s plans to attend college. “I just want Damon Dash to…pay his support and help me get [his son] in college,”Williams said. “My son got into Five Towns College in Dix Hills, N.Y, on a $30,000 scholarship recently to do music, but his father did not want him to go even though it would not have cost him anything… He keeps telling him, ‘Tell your mom to drop the child support case and get out of court’ when my son just wants to be a normal teenager and go to college.”

Dash currently owes over $20 million in back taxes to New York and New Jersey, but Williams claims he can still afford to pay child support. “At our last court appearance he admitted that he was paying between $10,000 and $12,000 per month for his home in Upstate New York, plus he has an art gallery and recording studio in Manhattan, so he’s hardly broke,” she said. “[He] has the money, he just needs to do the right thing by his son.”


Dash has yet to comment on Williams’ accusations.

Written by BET-Staff


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