Meagan Good Discusses Cancer Scare With Heart & Soul

Meagan Good Discusses Cancer Scare With Heart & Soul

The actress is now speaking out about her health issues.

PUBLISHED ON : JUNE 22, 2011 / 01:58 PM



Meagan Good is known for her grungy style, pouty lips and affinity for sexy tights. The actress shows off her eclectic brand of style on the current cover of Heart & Soul, wearing only a blue bra, shorts and a net, see-through shirt. But it was her bejeweled shoes that made fans (and us!) do a serious double take.

Even more shocking was her confession that she had a brush with cancer. A few years ago, Meagan had cancerous cells removed from her uterus. “It didn’t scare me," says The Game actress. "When people don’t know they have something, they’re fine. When they do find out, they get worse. A lot is attitude. When you’re afraid and freaked out, that’s when it worsens. I try to keep a positive outlook.”

She also manages her diet with that same sense of determination. Along with jogging three to four times a week for 30 minutes, Good also cut back on red meat and juice in favor of seafood, grilled veggies and water. “I cut out cheeseburgers all together, and I’m really sad because I love cheeseburgers.”

Written by Kimberly Walker


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