Laura Ingraham Says Chris Brown Gives "African Americans a Bad Rap"

Laura Ingraham Says Chris Brown Gives "African Americans a Bad Rap"

The Fox News host blames Brown for misguiding youth.

Published July 19, 2011

While Chris Brown keeps trying to bury his past, some people keep digging it right back up. These days, it's Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who took up issues with several music artists who are supposedly destroying today's youth (like Ke$ha) before zeroing in on Brown. She went on to explain how he's giving "African Americans a bad rap."


Ingraham read lyrics from Brown's latest song, "Look At Me Now" to two guests on her show and said that his appearance on the "Today" show last Friday would be seen as a reward for his past behavior. She also showed photographs of a bruised Rihanna after her and Brown's altercation in 2009, telling fans that their support for his music was misguided.


Not one to hold his tongue, Brown exchanged a few words with Ingraham over Twitter, saying, "I get it though!  They are upset at the fact that the today show actually focuses on talent instead of an almost 3 year old incident!"


To which she replied, "Your grammar and syntax are on par with your 'music.'  Did you write the lyrics for 'Look at me now?' Classy."


Do you agree with all the backlash he's been getting since the infamous incident or do you think enough is enough already?

(Photo from left: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, John Moore/Getty Images)

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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