Juelz Santana to NJ Police: "Leave Me Alone"

Juelz Santana to NJ Police: "Leave Me Alone"

In this exclusive BET.com interview, Harlem rapper Juelz Santana calls cops "the biggest gang in the world" and disputes criminal charges from recent arrest.

Published November 17, 2011

Although Juelz Santana was popping off at the mouth this past week on Twitter about the New Jersey police officers who arrested him on suspicion of terrorists threats, he says he has good reason. The Harlem rapper claims that he did no wrong and that the arrest was just a typical case of police harassment and trumped up charges.

In an interview with BET.com’s Tony Anderson, the Dipset member shared what he says really happened in the incident which involved a random man yelling at him in Spanish. At first, Juelz said he didn’t know that they guy was talking to him but when he realized his frantic words were directed at him he ended a phone conversation and told him, “Keep walking up on me I’mma punch you in your face like straight up.” At that point, the man walked away and grabbed something out of his car, he started to return but then abruptly turned and got back in the car. As he was driving off, the police pulled up and the guy again got out of his vehicle and started coming toward Juelz.

“So he’s walking up on me mad fast and the police is way back there so I’m trying to tell the officer, ‘You see him?’,” said Santana. “Now I’m going to start walking toward him fast.... No physical, nothing even happened, by the time we get close to each other the police was in between us.”

Apparently another cop drove in and intervened, thinking that Santana was running up on the first cop. A detective whom Santana recognized from a prior incident, asked to search his car but then drove to a precinct and asked him to sign a paper instead. Santana says he was arrested upon refusal and taken to jail for disorderly misconduct.

“I’m a artist, I don’t sign nothing without my lawyer,” he says. “I don’t know what this paper says and I’ve been pulled over many times in the world. If you tell the officer to search the car...I just told you to the search the car.... And you know I’m not lying. If I’m lying I’m flying right now, I ain’t telling no fibs, no nothing. On my dead grandma I’m keeping it one hundred.”

Santana claims that it wasn’t until his release that he found out exactly what the charges against him were.

“So I get out I think I’m smooth. It’s disorderly conduct whatever. I don’t find out I even get no terroristic threat charges til I get out and find out my bail was $46,000. I said 'What? For what, for disorderly conduct? I said, 'oh they tryna hang me.' They said, 'Nah you got terroristic threats' and I just start busting out laughing.”

Clearly upset but still lighthearted about the situation, Santana sent a message to the arresting officers: “Tell me I’m lying officers please in your heart, you gotta deal with God at the end of the day,” he says. “I ain’t gonna do, listen, ya’ll the biggest gang I don’t want nothing to do with ya’ll but ya’ll to leave me alone so I could be with my family."

As previously reported, law enforcement sources initially wouldn’t disclose what constituted the threats but detained him for several hours before being releasing him on $46,500 bail.

Written by Brooklyne Gipson with reporting by Tony Anderson


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