Exclusive: Mila J Gets Personal on ‘Faithful’

Mila J Exclusive: Mila J Gets Personal on ‘Faithful’

She’s not playing anymore.

Published November 4, 2015

Mila J released her latest solo EP a little over a year ago with M.I.L.A., but the last time she made a splash was her Future-assisted “FreakNic” single from earlier this year.

Now, the L.A. singer is back again with “Faithful,” a four-minute diatribe against both women and men who cheat in relationships. She guarantees she is faithful. Just make sure you are too.

The song is in preparation of Mila’s forthcoming mixtape The Waiting Game which will precede her debut Motown LP slated for 2016. During a recent interview with, she talked about why she’s been more intimate lately.

“The vibe of this mixtape is more personal,” she explained. “Obviously any song on any record I put out is going to be kind of where I am at that point in my life but this was like real time. Sometimes you write about past experiences or things that you want to experience… This is what happened, I’m about to go record a song about it, here it goes and it’s going to come out within that small time.”

Listen to “Faithful” below:

(Photo: Matthew Abad)

Written by Paul Meara


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