Hackers Release Alleged Name of Officer Who Killed Michael Brown

Hackers Release Alleged Name of Officer Who Killed Michael Brown

Anonymous posted the name of the Ferguson cop who they say shot and killed Mike Brown.

Published August 14, 2014

Update: Aug. 14, 2014, 12:45 p.m.

Anonymous released Thursday morning the alleged name of the police officer they claim shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. last weekend, CBS St. Louis reported. After posting the information on Twitter, the Internet hacking group threatened to publish the officer’s photo, followed by his address and “full documents” if the St. Louis County Police department does not issue a response to their claim.

"@stlcountypd by you staying silent, you confirm our name,” tweeted Anonymous. "We're waiting for a response.”

The group also claimed to have a video of Brown’s body being “shoved” into the back of a police department vehicle, pointing out that “no EMS was on the scene at all as we first thought.”

However, around noon, Twitter suspended the account following the release of the name.

On Wednesday evening, Anonymous released what they claimed to be St. Louis Police dispatch tapes from the day Brown was killed. The town of Ferguson is mentioned around the 9:30 mark and an "officer-involved shooting" is referred to around the 11:20 mark.

"Attention all cars, be advised that in reference to the call 2947 Canfield Drive, we are switching over to the riot channel at this time…" is heard at the 43:55 mark.

"We have released these tapes to the public so as they are able to get a sense of the atmosphere the moments before and the hours after Mike Brown was shot," read the video caption.

Earlier this week, the group also claimed responsibility for a major cyber attack on the Ferguson government. City officials told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that a flood of traffic targeting the City Hall website “just kept coming,” crashing the Internet. Email systems and phone lines were hit as well.


Anonymous, an international collective of hacker activists, recently released a video warning the Ferguson, Missouri, police of retaliation if the officers harmed the demonstrators protesting the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

The notorious group also pointed to a graphic image showing the 18-year-old boy lying in the street and alleged that police officers had refused to move his body for 15 hours on Aug. 8.

“The entire global collective of Anonymous is outraged at this cold-blooded murder of a young teen. Not a week goes by that some young person, usually of minority ethnicity, is slaughtered by murderous police in the USA,” a cryptic voice said in the video.

“For this reason, Anonymous will not be satisfied this time, as we have in the past, with simply obtaining justice for this young man and his family. Anonymous demands that the congressional representatives and senators from Missouri introduce legislation entitled ‘Mike Brown’s Law’ that will set strict national standards for police conduct in the USA. We further demand that this new law include specific language to grant the victims of police violence the same rights and prerogatives that are already enjoyed nationwide by the victims of other violent criminals.”

For the past two nights, groups of enraged residents have held rallies in the Ferguson and St. Louis streets. Anonymous vowed to take the Ferguson departments and governments offline and release the personal information of officers if protesters were abused, harassed or harmed in any way.

"That is not a threat, it is a promise,” the video’s narrator said. "The police have clearly crossed a line in the sand.”

An OpFerguson Twitter account has also been launched by the hacktivist group.

The Ferguson Police Department decided against releasing the name of the officer involved in Brown’s death on Tuesday after the department began receiving threats, such as the Anonymous video, the NY Daily News reported.

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(Photo: REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay)

Written by Patrice Peck


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