Watch: Alton Sterling's 15-Year-Old Son Has a Powerful Message for Protesters

Watch: Alton Sterling's 15-Year-Old Son Has a Powerful Message for Protesters

He hopes his father's legacy will be peace and unity.

Published July 13, 2016

Cameron Sterling, the 15-year-old son of Alton Sterling, has come forward to make a statement about his late father.

The young man, who was previously seen breaking down in tears at the side of his mother, Quinyetta McMillan, in the immediate aftermath of Sterling's death, has a message for protesters and others angered at the events of last week.

Cameron took the podium to urge Baton Rouge protesters to "protest the right way" saying, "Protest and peace, not guns." He continued to describe the bond he had with his father who was beloved within his community. "We had a bond so close," Sterling said, adding that if he could speak to his father today he would say, "I love you so much. I miss you a lot."

He added, "I truly feel that my father was a good man and he will always be a good man." And also thanked those who have come to his family's aid since his father's death, saying, "He [Alton] has a lot of loved ones out here that a really here to support me, my mother, the rest of my brothers and sisters...they're here to support everyone."

Cameron also urged people to "come together as one united family" adding, "There should be no more arguments, disagreements, violence, crimes."

While anger and brave protestors continue to fight for justice in Baton Rouge and around the country it is sometimes important to listen to the young members of our communities, and those that are left behind after tragic incidents such as these to remember what the dream of our community, and our entire world, should be.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Gerald Herbert/AP Photo)


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