YouTube Suspends Account Of Popular Dad For Video of His Kids Eating Laxative Laced Ice Cream

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YouTube Suspends Account Of Popular Dad For Video of His Kids Eating Laxative Laced Ice Cream

Police and Child Protective Services also got involved.

Published August 2, 2018

A dad popular for his YouTube videos had his account suspended after he posted a video of him feeding his kids ice cream laced with laxatives.

Cordero James Brady, who goes by the Internet moniker CJ SO COOL and has over 5.6 million followers on the video app, had his account suspended over a vlog he posted showing himself dosing some ice cream with Pedia-Lax and then feeding it to his son and daughter.

90-minutes later viewers can see the kids screaming and crying in pain. They’re later recorded in separate bathrooms, sitting on the toilet and crying. The video was also deleted by YouTube.

A Henderson, Nevada Police Department source tells the Daily Mail, “There was a case that was investigated in 2016 involving laxatives and this individual. It was a joint investigation with Clark County Child Protective Services. It was submitted to the DAs office and it was recommended as a criminal case.”

It isn’t clear if or what charges have been made against the dad. The video is also two years old and it’s unknown as to why it took so long to have it removed. You can view the video here, which was reposted by another YouTube user.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Images


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