Georgia Mother Believes Her Son’s Death In The Dominican Republic Is Connected To The Other Fatalities

Georgia Mother Believes Her Son’s Death In The Dominican Republic Is Connected To The Other Fatalities

Melody Moore is demanding answers.

Published July 11th

Written by Paul Meara

A mother from Georgia believes her son who died in the Dominican Republic earlier this year passed away suspiciously, similar to a string of other reported American tourist deaths in the Carribean country.

Melody Moore told WSB-TV 2 that her son, 31-year-old Tracy Jester of Henry County, flew to DR with his sister in April for a weekend getaway.

“They had a good day,” Moore told the news station. “Saturday, they went out, they explored. They said they had a good day.” Moore did note though that a soda Jester drank didn’t taste right, according to him. 

Early the next day, Jester’s sister frantically called Moore to tell her that her brother had trouble breathing.

“She called me about 3:30 in the morning and she told me he was calling her saying he couldn’t breathe, just saying, ‘Mama I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,’” Moore said.

The sister quickly dialed 911 but it wouldn’t be enough as Jester died shortly afterward. His death certificate labeled the cause a respiratory problem, however, Moore claims her son was perfectly healthy. She also wants to travel to where he son allegedly passed away.

"Being a mom, I want to go to where he was, where he died at last. Something is wrong, my son is gone. Something is really wrong," Moore said.

Subsequently, she called the FBI and an investigator placed her son’s name on the growing list of American tourists who have died from suspicious illness within the last 12 months in the Carribean.

If Tracy Jester is to be included on the list of U.S. tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic, it would bring the total number to 12 within the past year.

Late last month, Khalid Adkins of Denver passed away before ending his trip and departing for the United States. He was removed from the flight home because of sickness.

Photo: WSB-TV2


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