Arrest Warrant Reveals Taylor Rose Williams Was Last Seen In May

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Arrest Warrant Reveals Taylor Rose Williams Was Last Seen In May

The arrest warrant for her mother also revealed she left the little girl alone at home multiple times.

PUBLISHED ON : NOVEMBER 14, 2019 / 01:15 PM

Written by Zayda Rivera

Brianna Williams was charged in the disappearance of her daughter, Taylor Rose Williams

The arrest warrant reveals the last time anyone other than the 5-year-old’s mother saw her alive was in May, News4Jax reports.

Human remains believed to be Taylor’s were found on Tuesday (Nov. 12) in a wooded area in Demopolis, Alabama, Brianna’s hometown. The remains were discovered just six days after Brianna reported her daughter missing on Nov. 6, which prompted authorities to send out an Amber Alert.  

The arrest warrant alleges Brianna left her daughter at home by herself at an apartment complex on Southside Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida, multiple times dating back to April. 

The 27-year-old Navy petty officer also lied to police about who was taking care of Taylor, News4Jax reports.

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According to the warrant, a neighbor at the apartment complex told detectives he saw Taylor “alone and wandering the apartment complex on more than one occasion,” News4Jax reports. 

The first time the neighbor saw Taylor alone was on April 17, and when he asked what she was doing she said, “looking for my momma,” the warrant states, News4Jax reports. 

The neighbor also reported how he continued to see Taylor home alone at least every other day, wearing the same pajamas and holding the same doll. 

In May, he saw Taylor on at least two more occasions, noticing her alone within the apartment and wandering within the apartment complex, according to the arrest warrant, News4Jax reports.

He reported that during those times, Brianna’s car was not in the apartment complex parking lot, according to the arrest warrant, ABC News reports.  

It appears the last day Taylor was seen alive by anyone other than her mother was May 21, according to the warrant. When the neighbor asked Brianna about Taylor’s whereabouts after that date, she told him the little girl was in Alabama with her grandparents, the warrant states, News4Jax reports. 

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He also said he saw Brianna moving the week of Oct. 26, roughly a week before she reported Taylor missing on Nov. 6, ABC News reports.

A woman, who reportedly helped Brianna move, told News4Jax that they brought items, including a toddler bed, to a home on Ivy Street in Jacksonville’s Brentwood neighborhood on Nov. 3. She also told the news station that she had not seen Taylor during the move. 

Brianna reported to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office that on the morning of Nov. 6 when she went to check on her daughter, she was not in her room and the back door of their home in Brentwood was unlocked. She stopped cooperating with authorities on Nov. 7 when they pointed out inconsistencies in her story.

ABC News reports that the arrest warrant stated how Brianna gave “numerous false statements” to authorities about her daughter’s whereabouts. She told authorities that on Oct. 31 she drove to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to pick Taylor up from her mother, the little girl’s grandmother. 

Brianna stated her mother had been taking care of Taylor for the month of Oct., but when questioned by authorities, her mother denied the claim and told detectives she last saw Taylor in January, according to the police affidavit, ABC News reports. 

In fact, both maternal and paternal grandparents indicated to investigators they had not seen Taylor in more than a year, according to the arrest warrant, News4Jax reports. 

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Taylor’s paternal grandmother, who also lives in Alabama, told News4Jax that she and the little girl’s father hadn’t spoken to Taylor or Brianna in two years. She said that when Brianna moved to Jacksonville with the 5-year-old she cut off all communication. 

Another false statement was about child care. 

Brianna allegedly told authorities Taylor was going to a daycare at the Naval Airstation in Jacksonville over the last few months, but when her work schedule changed she had to take the little girl out of the facility, the arrest warrant affidavit said, ABC News reports. 

According to the warrant, Brianna said she resorted to driving Taylor back and forth to Alabama where her mother cared for her, ABC News reports. 

Discrepancies in her story were found when records showed Taylor’s last day going to the Naval station day care was April 29, according to the warrant. 

Before that, the little girl attended the “Kinder Garden” day care in Jacksonville until April 10, the warrant also said, ABC News reports. 

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“It’s like my heart has just been ripped out,” Shelia Williams, Taylor’s great aunt, told News4Jax after authorities stated human remains believed to be the little girl’s were found. 

Brianna was absentee booked on charges of child neglect and giving false information to investigators on Tuesday (Nov. 12). She was charged at a Florida hospital after an “overdose of some sort,” when reports indicated she was in “life-threatening condition.” 

Taylor’s great aunt, Shelia, who said she hasn’t seen the little girl or Brianna in three years, also said she doesn’t believe Brianna had anything to do with the little girl’s disappearance, telling News4Jax, “No. No. That’s her heart.” 

She then directed a message to Taylor, News4Jax reports, saying, “You’re loved and your mama loves you.”

Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images


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