Funny Coronavirus Memes: Trump Disinfectant, Clorox Chewables, And Words of Wisdom From Cardi B

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Funny Coronavirus Memes: Trump Disinfectant, Clorox Chewables, And Words of Wisdom From Cardi B

Keep calm and remember to wash your hands.

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 27, 2020 / 12:56 PM

Written by BET Staff

We’re all under stress since this coronavirus pandemic has many of us either WFH (working from home) possibly for months, stuck inside with people we're related to but may hardly even like and keeping our distance from the people we REALLY want to be with right now. The uncertainty is bringing on a case of worry and anxiety.

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Leave it to the interwebs and Black Twitter to try to brighten our moods a little with brilliantly quirky, silly responses to an otherwise dire situation. Here are a few of our favorites from around social media to give you a bit of a boost during these uncertain times. 

  1. Fake News


    Please do NOT listen to this man and his suggestions about preventing coronavirus. 

  2. Don't Try This At Home


    That is, if you want to actually wake up.

  3. False Starts


    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. 

  4. She Be Knowing 


    What else does Cardi B know that she's not telling us? 

  5. Listen To Madea

    Madea doesn't have time for your games. Stay home! 

  6. You Are Legend 

    Be like Will. When going to the grocery store, be armed with your protective gear like you are in I Am Legend

  7. Forced Inside

    When you hate being told what to do. 

  8. Function vs. Style

    We're not sure either one applies here. 

  9. Animals Have Questions

    The self-isolations have some animals feeling lonely, except for those lions in South Africa.

  10. Missing These Days

    We are never going to say that we are too busy to go out again.

  11. Issa Meme

    Issa Rae's Insecure has a meme for every moment.

  12. Craving The Old Normal

    We all can't wait to get back to life before self-isolation, especially eating out. 

  13. Last Supper Zoom Meeting 

    Social distancing in biblical times. 

  14. When Netflix Has Given You All It Has

    Yep, even Netflix only has but so much time for you.

  15. Moms Never Stop Working

    Yep, there is no downtime for many moms during the quarantine.

  16. Zombies vs. COVID-19?

    Zombies or the coronavirus, the apocalypse isn't as fun as the movies.

  17. Love In The Era Of The Coronavirus

    Dating isn't easy with COVID-19.

  18. You Gotta Make Do

    With the massive shortages of masks, people have to be creative.

  19. Brilliant Question 

    We're waiting for the answer on this as well. 

  20. She's Everywhere

    Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot may be taking her PSAs a little too far. 

  21. Coronavirus Is Still Here So Stay Home

    This is how we all feel when we watch the news on COVID-19.

  22. Stay Ready

    Regardless of what the President says, always be prepared!

  23. Word to the Wise

    Choose your bandana color wisely. 

  24. Slayin' It

    When Black Girl Magic is responsible for the eigth World Wonder. 

  25. Essential Who?


    When being an essential worker doesn't mean you're making bank. 

  26. First Day Out

    This will be all of us when the quarantine is over. 

  27. Still Looking For A Date?

    Here are the best (and safest!) pick up lines for COVID-19. 

  28. The Agony Of Waiting

    Many people are saying once they get tested for the respiratory disease, they are waiting two weeks or longer for the results. 

  29. Be Like Lori

    Chicago has jokes about Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

  30. Homeschool Discipline

    Tough parents only become tough teachers when they have to homeschool. 

  31. We Are All Samuel L. Jackson

    2020 has been too much and the king of cursing would certaintly capture the mood.

  32. Missing The Squad

    We are all making plans in our heads with our BFFs once this quarantine is over.  

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  33. Nobody's Fool 

    You have to wonder if Netflix's binge worthy doc, "Tiger King" would be as much of a hit if we weren't all forced to be self isolating right now. 

  34. Listen to Aretha

    Stay home and don't be "gullible"! 

  35. Hair Struggles

    We are all missing the salon. 

  36. Swipe Up

    In the midst of the toilet paper war games, this gives a whole new meaning to my hinney's clean. Yikes! 

  37. Real Heroes

    Essential employees are the real heroes in this pandemic. 

  38. Uninstall 2020

    2020 has been non-stop stress. Yep, this year needs a do-over. 

  39. Can You Pay My Bills?

    The economy is tanking but we have to laugh through the pain. 

  40. What Is Essential Exactly? 

    Because to Black women everywhere, we are NOT about to try to figure this out on our own. 

  41. Shout Out To The Parents Who Are Homeschooling

    Homeschooling ain't easy but you are definitely doing God's work. 

  42. The Stress of a Cough

    This is all of us. 

  43. Teachers Have Questions

    All facts about viritual meetings.

  44. Eye Popping Revelations 

    Things just got real. 

  45. Who Needs A Cut?

    Missing the barnershop but not wanting to risk the coronavirus.

  46. Prayers for Parents

    When the spirit of common core come to shame you in front of your kids.

  47. Cardi B Memes Keep Coming

    March has been rough, let's hope April isn't as crazy.

  48. Too Accurate

    Corona has shut everything down and this hilarious meme nails it. 

  49. Everybody Needs A Playlist

    There is a playlist for every occasion -- even the coronavirus crisis. 

  50. Dave Chappelle Knows

    A little social distancing lesson from Dave Chappelle.

  51. Listen To Sheneneh

    Social distancing is a must. Many of us could learn from Sheneneh Jenkins.

  52. From AirPods To Hand Sanitizer 

    Yep. This is nothing but truth.

  53. Parent Under Quarantine  

    Parents have to do what they have to do to get some alone time.

  54. Don't Cough!

    Parents can relate to this -- and you got to love how this moment from the Candyman trailer how now became a versatile meme.

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  55. Naomi Campbell Walk 

    Even the legendary supermodel got into the meme fun.

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  56. Quarantine Life

    Facts and not ashamed...

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