White Woman Arrested For Throwing Bottle At Black Jogger

White Woman Arrested For Throwing Bottle At Black Jogger

53-year-old Lorena Delaguna has been detained and is facing hate crime and harassment charges.

Published September 22nd

Written by Trey Alston

Last week, a black woman in Queens, NY, Tiffany Johnson, was jogging through a neighborhood when a white woman threw a bottle at her and yelled to “go back to Africa” after calling her a racial epithet. The incident was recorded and went viral on social media, and the NYPD publicly released it, asking for help in identifying the bottle-throwing woman. 

The New York Post reports that the  mystery woman has been identified and has been caught. 53-year-old Lorena Delaguna was recently detained by the authorities and is facing hate crime and harassment charges. She was arrested at her home and was taken to Queens Central Booking to be  arraigned.

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Last week, Johnson spoke to the New York Post about the experience. “It’s a hate crime,” she said. “It’s not acceptable. She has to be [held] responsible for her behavior.” She also revealed that she, initially, thought that Delaguna had mistaken her for another person before coming to the realization that “she could see the color of my skin and she reacted to that.”

After explaining that she should be able to enjoy doing what makes her happy and that the encounter shocked her, Johnson said that she won’t let the situation change the way she thinks or how she maneuvers. 

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“That’s not on me,” Johnson said. “That’s a reflection on her. She needs to look at herself and figure out why she looks down on somebody. We are always trying to give reasons for what people do, but I can’t get into her head. I only know what she did, what she said and her actions.”

“I’m glad the video surfaced so, hopefully, she won’t do this to someone else,” she continued. “People shouldn’t have to deal with that type of behavior. I refused to and that’s why I walked away.”


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