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Van Jones Launches Anti-Tea Party Movement

Van Jones Launches Anti-Tea Party Movement

Van Jones has launched Rebuild the Dream, a new movement that aims to ensure that every American can have a stable job, a home, and retire without worrying how they will make ends meet.

Published June 27, 2011

Van Jones wants everyone to be able to live the American dream.

The former Green jobs czar, who resigned from the Obama administration in 2009 amid controversy over some of his statements, has launched a new organization/movement that aims to ensure that every American can have a stable job, a home, and retire without worrying how they will make ends meet.

Thursday night in New York City, between a DJ set by artist Shephard Fairey and the Roots Jones officially unveiled his "Rebuild the Dream" movement aimed primarily at the thousands of middle-class workers who have lost their jobs, their homes due to foreclosure and their livelihoods in the past few years, writes the Huffington Post.

Rebuild the Dream appears to counter the racist and divisive rhetoric of the Tea Party movement, which too often uses racist imagery and language to push for smaller government and jobs and homes for American citizens.

"We are being lied to," Jones said often throughout his hourlong presentation at the Town Hall theater in Times Square."We are not broke. We're the richest country in the history of the world."

He says there are four lies that have been repeated so often that too many people now believe them to be true:

Lie No. 1: The U.S. is broke.

Lie No. 2: Asking the super-rich to pay their taxes hurts America's economy.

Lie No. 3: Hating on America's government-- and wrecking America's infrastrcutre -- is patriotic.

Lie No. 4: The country/government is helpless against Wall Street.

Jones wants Americans to help him solve the problems in the country. Starting July 5, Jones is asking people to share their ideas for getting America back on track. And on July 16-17 Jones wants to get people together to sift through all the ideas to find the most viable. Those ideas will be the basis for what he's calling "the contract for the American Dream." If that sounds familiar, it is similar to Newt Gingrich's failed Contract With America from 1994 that sought to impose a conservative agenda in public policy.

"They had their turn," Jones told the audience at the Town Hall theater, referring to politicians and big business. "Now it is our turn. ... We're going to build a movememnt that stands for liberty and justice for all."

Rebuild the Dream is a movement is that is fighting back against "right-wing attacks on the middle class." The American Dream is under siege, says Jones. With millions of people unemployed and the foreclosure crisis reacking havoc across the country. THe site tajke aim at politician who are "giving tax breaks to the rich and then slashing vital services families depend on. Rather than expanding protections for the middle class during these difficult economic times, they’re trying to gut workers’ rights."

"We grew up hearing about the American Dream. It’s the dream of a country where, if you work hard and play by the rules, you can live with dignity, provide for your family, and give your kids a better life. A country where we strive for greatness–and take care of each other when times get hard," says the Rebuild the Dream Website.

Jones says his American Dream Movement won't go "away until Americans can find jobs, afford to go to college, retire with dignity, and secure a future for their children and their communities."

Written by Deborah Creighton Skinner


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