Booker and Christie: They’ve Got It

Booker and Christie: They’ve Got It

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker channel Seinfeld-Newman rivalry.

Published May 16, 2012

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is often gruff and intimidating on the outside, but he apparently has a heart made of comedy gold.

In a video parodying the Seinfeld-Newman rivalry on the NBC hit television show Seinfeld, he teamed up with Newark Mayor Cory Booker to spoof the Black lawmaker’s “super hero” rep and speculation about Christie as the Republican vice presidential nominee. They developed the bit, titled “I Got This,” for the New Jersey Press Association’s dinner — and to riff on themselves.

Tired of boring town hall meetings and “questions about being vice president,” Christie goes to a state police office to see if there are any big problems he can handle, “like a fire anywhere, where people are trapped? Bad automobile accident where you need me to help out some folks?”

The answer is no, until Booker, who recently pulled a woman from a burning building, turns up, that is.

“There’s a two-alarm fire down on State Street. We do have a car broken down on Route 1, and yes, a little girl has lost her cat in a tree,” the trooper responds.

“Governor,” says Booker, patting Christie on the shoulder, “I got this.”

Along the way, the Democratic mayor fixes the Republican governor’s flat tire, saves the day for hometown rock legend Bruce Springfield at a concert and saves a baby, each time prompting Christie to gasp “Booker!” in a pretty good imitation of Seinfeld’s famous “Newman!” uttered each time the title character came in contact with his nemesis.

But as the saying goes, he who laughs last laughs best, and the act ends on a high note for the governor. In the final scene, Booker appears at his desk having a testy telephone conversation with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney about why he’s unqualified to be vice president.

Christie walks in, takes the phone and tells Booker, “I got this.”

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(Photo: Source Video)

Written by Joyce Jones


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