The Patriots Just Barely Won the Super Bowl and Falcons Fans Are Losing Their S**t

New England Patriots

The Patriots Just Barely Won the Super Bowl and Falcons Fans Are Losing Their S**t

All the crying Michael Jordan memes.

Published February 5, 2017

An epic fail and indisputable greatness.

That's the best way to describe the Atlanta Falcons blowing a 25-point lead in the second half and falling victim to Tom Brady's heroics, as the New England Patriots scored a shocking 34-28 overtime victory over ATL in Super Bowl LI in Houston last night. The Falcons' monumental collapse and the Patriots' unbelievable comeback secured New England's fifth Super Bowl win in its franchise's history. Brady's got a ring for the thumb now.

The mind-blowing rally, capped by James White's two-yard rushing TD to seal the Pats' victory, had social media instantly lit with hilarious reactions of disbelief and more.

Here are people's best reactions to the drama that unfolded. Atlanta is never going to be able to live this loss down.

  1. Our thoughts exactly
  2. This feels all too familiar...

    Show some respect ✊

    A photo posted by Elliot Tebele (@fuckjerry) on

  3. Maybe Twitter was his motivation
  4. The parallel is too real
  5. Chrissy Teigen should be a sports commentator
  6. guilty as charged
  7. She *did* cover a lot of ground
  8. Of course the President had to chime in
  9. Where is the #AlternativeFact Here?
  10. This is too good
  11. Definitely a #mood
  12. He's got a point, though
  13. Called it
  14. Ugh - This has us in our feelings

    #AtlantaFalcons 😒😒😒

    A photo posted by LaKira Boatwright (@lboatwright21) on

  15. Crickets...

    #AtlantaFalcons fans quiet right now 😩

    A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

  16. Tom Brady Wasn't Playing Around, After All
  17. Yeah, Tom!
  18. Inner Tom Brady, though
  19. Keeping it non-committal is always a smart move
  20. This happened
  21. Accurate
  22. That had to hurt
  23. Siiiigh
  24. It happened so quickly...
  25. Ain't that the truth
  26. Notice A theme here?

    Way to drag the Golden State Warriors' losing their 3-1 edge in the NBA Finals into this.

  27. Brady Made Sure The Internet Put Some Respek On His Name!

    #Tombrady #superbowl #Falcons @shadmoss #SaltBae #cashmeoutsidehowboutdat

    A video posted by Jimmy Bucci (@teambucci) on

    Not the Birdman and salt chef treatments!

  28. This Is Too Much

    Combining the Michael Jordan crying meme with this twisted Atlanta show poster is foul. Sorry, ATL ... but this Falcons' loss is going to sting for a long time.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images)


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