Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians Got Blasted After Offering This Bogus Explanation For Not Signing Kaepernick

Bruce Arians, Colin Kaepernick

Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians Got Blasted After Offering This Bogus Explanation For Not Signing Kaepernick

"Lying through his teeth."

Published October 25, 2017

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer's broken left arm, keeping him out for at least eight weeks, left the team with paltry Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert as QBs on its roster.

With a predicament like that, one would think the squad would consider Colin Kaepernick as an option, but Cardinals coach Bruce Arians isn't interested. And it's his head-scratching explanation for why the team doesn't want to sign Kaep that has people talking.

When Arians was asked this week whether the team would consider signing Kaepernick due to Palmer's broken arm, the coach said, as reported by ESPN: "We’ve never had more than two [quarterbacks] on our roster since I’ve been here. We liked Blaine Gabbert so much that we kept him this year. So, we’re really where we always are. We may look for a practice squad arm.”

Listen, it's bad enough that the Cardinals signed Gabbert over Kaepernick in May, period, considering the former's dreadful 9-34 career record. However, Arians's explanation for the team passing on Kaepernick for the second time might be worse, considering it's a lie.

Arians said the Cardinals have never had more than two QBs on their roster since he was hired by the team in 2013, but USA Today pointed out that the exact opposite is actually the truth, as the franchise has almost always had three quarterbacks on its roster since his hire.

But wait ... it gets worse.

That's because, after Arians made the comment that the team never had more than two QBs during his tenure, the Cardinals went out and signed quarterback Mike Bercovici to its practice squad. Kaep isn't eligible to be a practice squad QB, but Bercovici not having any NFL experience doesn't exactly make the franchise look great.

All this adds up to people dragging Arians to hell and back with these comments.

  1. Yes, Bruce Arians got caught 'lying through his teeth' about the team not carrying more than two QBs

    Unreal. As USA Today pointed out, the Cardinals have almost always had three QBs on their roster under Arians, proving he lied.

  2. And there was more where that came from

    Talk to 'em.

  3. For the record, Kaepernick isn't eligible to be a practice squad QB, but the signings of Gabbert and Bercovici are pretty telling

    Good grief.

  4. It's a damn shame that the Cardinals aren't even considering Kaepernick as an option for QB ...

    Shaking our damn heads.

  5. ON the bright side of things, the Cardinals' moves will seemingly only strengthen Kaepernick's grievance filing against NFL owners for collusion

    Just another layer added to the mistreatment of Kaepernick, who remains jobless after his 2016 season-long kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against racism and police brutality of unarmed Black men.

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