Charles Barkley Says LaVar Ball Is Exploiting His Kids, Has No Talent And Represents Everything Bad About Sports

Charles Barkley, LaVar Ball

Charles Barkley Says LaVar Ball Is Exploiting His Kids, Has No Talent And Represents Everything Bad About Sports

And people think they "should catch that fade" already.

Published December 13, 2017

Charles Barkley is sick and tired of LaVar Ball. And the NBA Hall of Famer let everyone know about it Wednesday morning on ESPN's Golic and Wingo, where he had some scathing words for the controversial basketball dad.

“He represents everything that’s bad about sports,” Barkley said on the show about LaVar, as reported by USA TODAY. “It’s all about him. You know I just feel bad for those kids because everybody’s talking about ‘he might be a good father,’ this and that. No he’s not. He’s just exploiting his kids. I love the kid (Lonzo Ball) playing for the Lakers. I don’t know the other kids (LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball). He’s all about Big Baller Brand. He has no foreseeable talent. He’s trying to make money on his kids. I just feel sadness for those kids because they’re going to do whatever they tell him to do and I just don’t like the guy at all, plain and simple.”


And Chuck wasn't done yet.

"And don't tell me he's a good father," Barkley continued. "Just because you exploit your kids, trying to make money because you have no talent, that does not make you a good father. That makes you exploiting your kids. And I don't like the guy at all. I wish they would quit putting him on television because he has no talent whatsoever."

Tell 'em how you really feel about Mr. Ball, Sir Charles! Good grief!

Barkley's stinging words had Twitter suggesting that he and LaVar catch that fade and more with some of the reactions below.

  1. Here's Charles Barkley's full ether for LaVar Ball

    In pure Chuck fashion, the Hall of Famer definitely didn't hold back.

  2. that led twitter to say that they 'should catch that fade'

    Definitely sounded like some fighting words.

  3. Some agreed with Barkley's take wholeheartedly

    Your thoughts?

  4. Others called Chuck a hater and added that they wished they had a dad like LaVar

    Was Barkley out of line for criticizing the type of father the man is?

  5. Others called for Barkley to put some respek on LaVar's and Big Baller Brand's names

    It doesn't sound like that's going to happen.

  6. Twitter is also awaiting an imminent clapback from LaVar

    You already know it's coming.

  7. But more than anything, people want to say ...

    All for charity style. Well, fellas?

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