Here’s More Proof Beyoncé Has a Super-Secret Snapchat

(Photo: Beyonce via Snapchat/Instagram)

Here’s More Proof Beyoncé Has a Super-Secret Snapchat

Can you guess what her Snapchat handle is?

Published March 20, 2017

The latest pregnancy update from Beyoncé, once again suggests the star must have a private Snapchat account she isn’t letting the Beyhive in on. Bey shared a few fun photos on her Instagram showing off her growing bump during her outing last week to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in LA, including a couple selfies that featured not one, but two Snapchat filters. Which ones you ask? The cheetah and the bunny one, which she shared with Blue Ivy.

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Mrs. Carter’s recent filter fun comes after sharing another pic on her Instagram last month of her and Blue playing around with the deer filter at the 2017 All Star game. There was also that time when Miss Tina posted a face swap video and slipped up in the caption by saying her “baby” sent it to her. Basically all signs lead to Beyoncé having a super-secret Snapchat account and the internet wants her to give up the handle already.

😩😂🤣😭"Petty, petty, petty, I've been winnin' steady." 🤷🏽‍♀️ #edit

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The guessing game has commenced!

But after a some digging, so far none of them seem check out. Keeping things under wraps seems to be Mrs. Carter’s style. She did drop am entire visual album while we were all sleeping last year and flawlessly hid a pregnancy from us for however many months. Quit teasing us already, Bey! We just want to see how fab we already know you are.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Beyonce via Snapchat/Instagram)


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