Designer Michael Costello Allegedly Called This Instagram Model A Ni**er On Twitter

(Photos from Left: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for HBO, Theo Wargo/Getty Images for  New York Fashion Week: The Shows)

Designer Michael Costello Allegedly Called This Instagram Model A Ni**er On Twitter

And then things really got crazy.

Published August 28, 2017

OK, settle in kids because this might get weird. Do you happen to know who Chantel Jeffries or Michael Costello are? If you've answered yes, boy, do we have the tea for you!

We regret to inform you that celebrities' bodies are now commodified as walking billboards. As such, #tapfordeetz culture dictates that said walking billboards pepper their social accounts with credits for every last item they're wearing. This is where the quarrel between Jeffries and Costello originated, for she did not *gasp* tag him in an Insta in which she wore his dress. In photographic evidence of Ms. Jeffries wearing an uncredited garment — an Instagram offense on par with a felony — Costello commented the following: "Nice." No, this was not a picture in which some 420 or 69 association was present, in which "nice" could have been interpreted as a sincerely humorous remark. Instead, this "nice" provoked conditions that were anything but — and thus set the stage for one of society's most pressing altercations: social media beef.

What followed was a torrent of receipts, disputed receipts, and a leaked cell phone number. No, this isn't a KarJenner drama, but it does kinda have that vibe, no?! 

Between Jeffries's and Costello's differing accounts, what went down was something along the lines of the following: Jeffries borrowed one of Costello's gowns for the VMAs. She posted a photo of it, as previously mentioned, sans credit to Costello. Costello comments "nice." Jeffries retorts: "I wasn't going to let that unprofessional racist bully me over an Instagram photo... if you want to see the REAL story check out my Twitter." Oooh, Chantel, we see you parlaying your beef into social media engagement, girl! Anyways, Jeffries then retweeted a falsified screen shot in which Costello appears to be making a racial slur (the comment has now been confirmed as fake). Then more receipts — Jeffries claiming the flow of communication should have gone through her PR, as that's what she pays them to do, and anyone who's anyone doesn't handle their own shit. Duh! Then she leaked Costello's cell phone number. Then he released the following statement:

I meaaaan... he has a point. Like, what is the incentive to let someone borrow your product if not for that critical #tapfordeetz info. This exchange is well-understood in "the industry." And that is why Rihanna trolled us with a #tapfordeetz caption attached to a picture with no deetz — RiRi said phuck yo free clothes!

OK, so who's in the right and who's in the wrong here? The answer may not be as simple as a matter of moral absolutism. Receipts may win the battle, but in Jeffries's case, they're unlikely to win the war. Jeffries identifies as a model/DJ... gotta love the typical #influencer job title! With that said, there are many other girls doing the model/DJ thing, and starting a kerfuffle over a frivolous issue in which she may be wrong isn't a good look! It's not advantageous to anyone to have enemies — even our favorite beefs, such as the well known cases of Aubrey Drake Graham vs. Robert Rihmeek Williams and Onika Tanya Maraj vs. Reminisce Smith, get tired and really corny when they're drawn out. (Ahem, looking at you, Remy, regarding last night's sub, ahem.) If Jeffries wishes to continue her prolific career as a model/DJ, she'll likely have to interact with the fashion sphere on a regular basis. Costello, who's been around longer than Jeffries, probably has allies in the industry. She's now stacked the deck against herself.

A word of advice? Stay in your lane, LA hotties who collectively identify as model/DJs. Beef will only make your life harder! Feel free to invoice me for this insightful consulting, bbs.

Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photos from left: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for HBO, Theo Wargo/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows)


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