See Why Solange Is Super Mad At This Magazine That Photoshopped Her

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See Why Solange Is Super Mad At This Magazine That Photoshopped Her

She already told y’all don’t touch her hair.

Published October 20, 2017

When we saw Solange Knowlesrecent magazine cover yesterday, we nearly gasped! But apparently her crown was a bit too much for some.

Turns out the Evening Standard Magazine wasn’t too pleased about her final look, considering they Photoshopped out her magnificent braided halo.

Her message? “DTMH,” short for “don’t touch my hair.” See below for yourself:

dtmh @eveningstandardmagazine

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Solange also took to her IG stories circling where the crown once was then posting screenshots of the interview. The “editing” is pretty puzzling, especially since the magazine specifically asked Solange about her love for hair. Read an excerpt from her story:

“Braiding is important to Knowles. It is an ‘act of beauty, an act of convenience and an act of tradition’? it is ‘its own art form,’ she adds. Every black woman has a personal journey with her own hair, and for Knowles it began in her mother’s salon which was a refuge — a ‘spare bedroom so to speak’ for her as a young girl. Growing up there was pivotal. ‘I got to experience women arriving in one state of mind and leaving in a completely transformed way. It wasn’t just about the hair. It was about the sisterhood and the storytelling.’”


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Drama aside, we spoke with celebrity hairstylist (and founder of the VERNON FRANÇOIS® Collection), Vernon Francis to get the breakdown of Solange’s breathtaking cover look.

“Solange has a very clear vision of what she is looking for,” Vernon shared. “Although we didn’t have specific inspiration, we wanted to focus on braided up-do, both graphic and clean.”

“Her hairstyle took a couple of hours. It was all hands-on deck — I specialized in doing her color and the cornrows towards back of her head,” he explained. “We had a full team dedicated to making the braids as we had several looks to-do, it was a great collaboration of two artists (myself and Joanne Petit-Frere) working together for one artist,” he added.

Sheesh, we can only imagine how popping the Evening Standard Magazine’s DMs (and comments section) are right now.

What do you think about their choice to edit Solange’s hair masterpiece? 

Written by Janell M. Hickman

(Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


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