Power Puff!: The Natural Hair Emoji Is Coming In 2018

(Photo: Emjoipedia)

Power Puff!: The Natural Hair Emoji Is Coming In 2018

It's about time.

Published December 13th

It's what we've all been waiting for!

Naturalistas have been using emojis that don't even look like them for the longest! But no worries, natural hair emojis are finally coming in 2018.

(Photo: Emojipedia)
(Photo: Emojipedia)

It's no debate that the emojis are showing some #BlackGirlMagic, but some were not happy about what they looked like.

Black Twitter came in full force with comments ranging from "this doesn't look like me" to "that looks like broccoli" and "I hope this is a joke." These queens weren't pleased to say the least.

See their (shady) feedback below:

On the flip side, others were celebrating the emoji triumph. "Yasssss for the natural hair emoji!!!! Black twitter would be in love lol," one commenter wrote.

Are you feeling the natural hair emojis or nah? Thoughts? Sound off below.

Written by Brianna Allen

(Photo: Emjoipedia)


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