Walk Tall, Sis! See The 6-Foot-2 Amazon Model That Caught Beyoncé And Tina Knowles' Eye

Walk Tall, Sis! See The 6-Foot-2 Amazon Model That Caught Beyoncé And Tina Knowles' Eye

She wants you to never "bow down" to those hating on height.

Published April 3, 2018

Not many people can say they’ve modelled for Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Knowles Lawson.

But when you have confidence (and a walk that won’t quit), you'll find yourself gracing the runways of New York and Paris Fashion Week—and making a debut at the Wearable Art Gallery honoring Beyoncé and Gloria Carter.

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Meet Cole Woods: a 6-foot-2 fashion model, based in Los Angeles, whose life experiences would not have been possible if she paid the haters any mind. 

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Growing up, Cole was always taller than other girls—which created several obstacles. From the struggle to find clothes that fit to dealing with rude comments, Cole had to make the best of her height in order to blossom into the person she is today. 

Constantly taller than the boys, Cole found herself pushed into the world of basketball. She not only excelled in the sport but was drafted to play professionally. 

Now she’s going viral thanks to an open letter she posted on Instagram that crushes the idea that being a tall woman is something to slump your shoulders about. See the post that started it all:

Despite her now 50K followers, Cole was surprised to learn there were so many others going through the same experience. 

“After I posted the ‘open letter’ to tall girls and women on my Instagram, I received so many positive responses,” Cole shared with BET Style exclusively.

“When I was writing it I didn’t even consider just how many other tall girls/women with the same experience were already following me! It has been very uplifting and it has really made me want to push myself even harder to reach platforms where I can continue to be an advocate/ambassador for those ‘taller than tall’ women.

“I just strive to be the type of woman that I’d like to see more of in the forefront of the media. A strong, intelligent, confident African-American woman that young girls and women can be proud to look up to.”

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Choosing to not let others' negative comments change her stature, Cole made a decision to choose the road of confidence instead. 

“Do we allow them to control how we feel about ourselves or do we use it as fuel towards self-love?” Cole asked. “I chose to let mine drive me toward becoming the best me I can possibly be. I wanted to prove them all wrong and win for every young Black girl that has experienced the same.”

We had to find out, where did she get so much confidence from?

“Because my mother, a former pro basketball player, was always preaching for me to walk tall with my head up. This is a woman who has scored more career points than any other MAN or WOMAN to date, at her college alma mater. I feel as though that says enough in reference to the confidence it takes for a woman to accomplish such a feat. That is the woman who raised me,” Cole shared candidly.

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Cole doesn’t stop at inspiring tall women, she even coaches and guides fashion creatives towards getting their start in the fashion industry with her Modelpreneur Bootcamp.

“Whether they are actively pursuing a career in fashion or just seeking an opportunity to learn to be a more positive and industry savvy version of themselves, I do my best to help them succeed,” Cole shared.

In the words of Cole: “Love your long legs!”

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Cole Woods/@MissColeWoods via Instagram)


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