Whitesplain: White YouTuber Gets Roasted After Critiquing Black Hair

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Whitesplain: White YouTuber Gets Roasted After Critiquing Black Hair

Who asked you?

Published March 20, 2019

We are not quite sure when we asked a white man for his opinion about Black natural hair along with how to maintain it, but let us be honest, when has this ever stopped an internet troll from speaking their ignorance? 

Exactly, never. That’s why YouTuber Onision took it upon himself to spew his lack of knowledge and get barbecued by Black Twitter in the process. 

Recently, the "OnisionSpeaks" YouTuber struck a major chord with the Black community after a video surfaced of him questioning Black people’s hair-washing process along with his thoughts about acceptable natural hair, and more gibberish no one asked for. 

FYI: The infamous YouTuber has developed quite a negative reputation for his random musings that negatively share his opinions on mental illness, the LBGTQ community, non-vegans and yes, even thoughts about Black hair.

See the shockingly condescending clips below of the video that has been since deleted.

“That is a butt ton of shampoo! That’s going to dry out,” Onision says in the reaction video adding, “If you look up most any site, they say use a very small amount of shampoo in your hair. It’s very important that you don’t use a lot. Because if you do use a lot, you’re going to pull out so much stuff from your hair that probably shouldn’t be pulled out.

“This whole sudsy my whole hair s--- that might be a problem,” he says while reacting to a video of a Black woman washing her hair in a YouTube tutorial. “Yo, this is what’s crazy about a lot of Black hair, specifically with, like, people with darker skin colors typically. It kinda, like, sticks together—almost like cotton candy.”

Adjusting their crowns after the blatant disrespect, Black Twitter united to read the controversial vlogger for filth. 

What’s most frustrating about the video is the idea that Onision thinks he has the right to weigh in on something he knows absolutely nothing about, yet he speaks with so much authority. 

Instead of being upset, it comes down to having to realize that his mindset is sad because he has actually convinced himself that his opinion matters—which is far from the truth. And unfortunately, he doesn't have the sense to know that he’s done something wrong, even co-signing comments that agree with his flicked opinion.

Although the video is upsetting and downright disgusting, it is an eye-opener to white privilege and the ways that people feel they can address Black women specifically. 

Black people, especially women, continue to let your melanin shine because for someone to take all this time on an effort to critique in a negative way, they must be envious of what you have.

Remember, misery loves company!

Written by BET Staff

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