See Rihanna Fully Embrace Her New Curves In These Skin Tight Skinny Jeans

EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna was spotted out in NYC in the early hours of Friday morning. She left her apartment accompanied by a Large Bodyguard, who was given the embarrassing task of carrying her Porn Hub Bag. They walked around Soho before heading to The Blond Hotel. They remained inside from 2am until 8:30am . The sun was already shining bright as Riri left with a pal and headed back home. It is the second day in a row that she has been seen flaunting a giant diamond Ring on her engagement finger. She appeared in great spirits, showing off her curves in a tight fitting pair of jeans, while wearing a Powder Blue Faux Fur Hoodie, potentially a sneak preview of her new Line of Fenty clothing. 
Yaken December 9th

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See Rihanna Fully Embrace Her New Curves In These Skin Tight Skinny Jeans

Booty, booty, booty rockin' everywhere!

Published December 14th

Rihanna is the patron saint of emerging trends, if you didn't know. So when we saw her rocking skinny jeans the other day, we were left with more questions than answers.

For example, are skinny jeans back? What do we do with the collection of wide-legged pants we've mixed into our wardrobe after RiRi set off the oversize trend

(Photo: 247PAPS.TV / Splash News)

We don't have any definite answers for you guys, apologies on that front. If we had to channel our inner RiRi to dole out advice, we'd say the following: get you a girl that can do both! 

Trends are so fleeting that by the time you get your wardrobe sorted for any given season, new hot trends will already be brewing in the zeitgeist. So what's a girl to do? Just say eff trends altogether!

If you want to take a page directly out of RiRi's book, these very jeans can be yours! This Citizens of Humanity skinny crop style retails for $229

Happy shopping.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: 247PAPS.TV / Splash News)


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