Here's More Ridiculous Royal Rules For Meghan Markle To Break

Here's More Ridiculous Royal Rules For Meghan Markle To Break

No one said it would be easy!

Published December 19, 2017

Meghan Markle's profile has been raised to international attention after her swift courtship with (and soon to be wedding to) Prince Harry. She is the most radical choice of partner a royal family member has chosen yet — she’s an actress, she’s American, and she’s Black. So yeah, you know we're all rooting for her!

However, her impending royal status means that she will soon be playing by a whole different book of rules. No, seriously — royals have a lot of rules, many of which are absolutely bonkers, and she's already broken two

See below the new norms Meghan will have to get accustomed to.

  1. No shellfish

    Royal family members are discouraged from consuming shellfish to avoid food-borne illnesses. However, Harry's father, Charles, has been known to break this rule from time to time.

  2. No 'Best Man' at weddings

    Harry's brother broke this rule at his wedding when Harry served as his "best man," which is usually not allowed at royal weddings. Harry is expected to follow in Will's footsteps, returning the favor and making him his best man.

  3. No PDA – not even hand holding!

    Harry and Meghan have already broken this rule — but it's extremely atypical of royals to be lovey-dovey in public, as demonstrated by Kate and William, who don't hold hands at royal engagements.

  4. Hats! Hats! Hats!

    At formal events, royals and members of the aristocracy wear extremely expressive hats — that is, if it's before 6 p.m. After dusk falls, it's time for tiaras! Married women will don a tiara in favor of a hat in the evening, but only if they are married. Non-tiara wearing women send a signal that they are looking for a suitor.

  5. No politics!

    This may prove difficult for Meg to get used to — especially considering her experience as a United Nations ambassador. However, royal family members are prohibited from speaking publicly about politics and social and sexual preferences. Meghan will join Kate, Wills and Harry in working with the Royal Foundation, which does advocate on behalf of some social issues, such as mental health, and which Harry has been quite vocal about. This includes not being able to vote!

  6. No Work!

    Royals are prohibited from working for money — must be nice! This is likely one of the reasons why Meghan stepped down from Suits

  7. No selfies with fans!

    Yep, it's true — the royals do not take selfies with fans. So basically Kim Kardashian doesn't have to worry about Meghan releasing her own book of selfies, although that would be pretty epic. Imagine selfies in the royal palace! 

  8. no monopoly!

    Royals are forbidden from playing Monopoly. "We're not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious," Prince Andrew, Harry's uncle, said in 2008. Yes, even the royals can't play nice during the OG of board games.

Written by BET Staff

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