Mommy-Shamers Attack Kenya Moore For Kissing Baby Brooklyn Like They Did Gabrielle Union

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Mommy-Shamers Attack Kenya Moore For Kissing Baby Brooklyn Like They Did Gabrielle Union

Is this a mommy do or don't?

Published December 18, 2018

After first attacking Gabrielle Union, former RHOA star Kenya Moore is getting mommy-shamed for kissing her 6-week-old daughter. Let us explain: Kenya shared a sweet photo giving her baby girl, Brooklyn Doris Daly, kisses. A short while later comments started rolling in from the critics, like this one:

“Of course, she was going to share it today. Queen of shade. But seriously, Kenya doesn’t hold her underneath her armpits. She’s just a bundle of soft tissue and can become QUITE sore from all the manipulation of being constantly picked up and held/dangled in the air by her armpits. People, please stop kissing babies in the face. The amount of germs that we have on us is crazy.”

Gabrielle Union was trolled by social media for similar reasons, but she quickly shut the haters down by saying she “can’t stop, won't stop” kissing her daughter, Kaavia James.

Check out her full clapback below:

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Cant stop, won't stop. 💋👶🏾@kaaviajames 💛❤💙💚🧡💜 Here's a guide for happily enjoying my posts of our family. Trust that she is surrounded by medical and child care specialists. Know she is safe and watched closely at all times. Trust that I won't post anything that puts my child in danger or opens me up to unsolicited online medical or parenting opinions 🤗 @kaaviajames is loved. She will be kissed. She will be loved on by the people that love her. She will be safe. If and when I have questions (as a new mom I have tons) I will not hesitate to ask my online community for help and suggestions. But yall have never known me to hold my tongue so trust that I will ask for help. Sometimes publicly and sometimes privately. Its OK that every parent does things differently to suit their child's needs. Every solution that works or worked for you may or may not work for me or my family or other folks. And that's absolutely OK. If someone does things differently or does not take your advise or that advise doesnt pan out the way it did for you, that is NO indication that you are wrong or a bad parent. We all figure out what works for us, our children and our families. We dont all have to match. It's ok to break from the norm and do what's healthiest and safest for your child. No one is in your house or your family but YOU. We dont all need to be clones of each other to be doing OK. The goal is for us all to have happy healthy families and that journey looks different for every family. Let's embrace that. Let's get comfortable with that. Someone doing something different than us does not make us bad people or bad parents. Breathe and enjoy. There will be no mommy shaming on this page. I rebuke mommy shaming. For those STILLLLL clinging onto your fears about Kaav's breathing and or whether my sweet kisses harmed my kid...feel free to swipe.

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While it is true that most health professionals do not recommend kissing infants on their mouths since harmful viruses and bacteria can be transmitted to the child, mothers bond with their children this way, and if Gabrielle’s doc says the actress and her baby girl are good, then they’re good.

We’re sure Kenya is taking precautions necessary for her baby’s well-being, too. Folks, let’s stop trolling new moms and start supporting them!

Written by BET Staff

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