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What's Next After the March on Washington?

Leader discuss civil rights agenda and priorities.
Affirmative action demonstration

Generation X Tells Y It's Time to Step Up

Activists urge young adults to join civil rights movement.
Jobs Plans - According to a CBS News/New York Times poll published Oct. 25, only 38 percent of Americans believe President Obama has a “concrete jobs plan” and even fewer (20 percent) believe that congressional Republicans have a “clear” jobs plan.  (Photo: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Civil Rights Groups Band Together to Create a Jobs and Freedom Agenda

The groups' plan focuses on five specific areas.
Martin Luther King Jr.

The March on Washington Aims to Spark a New Civil Rights Movement

Anniversary march a call to action to preserve civil rights.
Bill Lucy, NAACP National Board of Directors

Ahead of March Anniversary, Civil Rights Veterans Discuss King's Unfulfilled Dream

Panel says an economic playing field remains elusive.

Living the Dream: Rep. Terri Sewell

Sewell on growing up in the shadow of civil rights movement.
Julian Bond

Living the Dream: Julian Bond

Bond calls for a renewed commitment to civil rights.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Commentary: Making History... Again

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Rep. John Lewis Shines at Comic-Con

Lewis promotes his graphic novel at fantasy convention.

DOJ Seeks Zimmerman Tips: If You Know Something, Say Something

Justice Department seeks help with Zimmerman investigation.

Transcript: Eric Holder Addresses the NAACP Annual Convention

Holder speaks of the heartbreak of the Zimmerman verdict.