Domestic terrorism

Senate GOP Blocks Bill That Targets Potential White Supremacist Terrorism

The measure sought to enhance the monitoring of hate groups and prevent mass shootings like the one in Buffalo.

Besides The Horror In Buffalo, Here Are 5 Other Recent Mass Shootings Spurred By Racial Hate

The incident at a supermarket in Buffalo, N.Y., is just one example of an ugly trend that is becoming part of an American phenomenon.

Sen. Chuck Schumer Calls Out Rupert Murdoch And Fox News Execs

Schumer urges Fox News and to stop touting white supremacist ‘Great Replacement Theory’ echoed by Buffalo mass murderer.

‘Evil Will Not Win': President Biden Travels to Buffalo To Pay Respects At Memorial, Comfort Families And Speak About Mass Shooting

The president was joined by First Lady Jill Biden at the Tops market where the shooter specifically targeted Black victims.

Accused NYC Subway Shooter Frank James Indicted On Federal Charges

If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

Biden Harris Administration Introduces Program To Aid HBCUs That Have Experienced Bomb Threats

More Than 36 HBCUs Have Had Bomb Threats in 2022

Three Men Plead Guilty To Planning Power Grid Attacks ‘All In The Name Of White Supremacy’

They organized with the hopes of igniting a race war.

Bomb Threats Received At Howard, Southern U, Other HBCUs For Second Time in Weeks

Six different Black colleges were the targets of the threats, a day before Black History Month begins.

EXCLUSIVE: The Jan. 6 Insurrection One Year Later: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Recounts One of the Worst Days in American History

In an interview with, the Texas congresswoman remembers the danger she found herself in when domestic terrorists stormed the citadel of democracy.