Birth control

Ari Lennox Reportedly Posts Candid Confessional of Traumatic IUD Experience Gone Wrong

The singer said she was in "so much pain” following the procedure.
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Power to Decide Launches #ThxBirthControl Empowering And Promoting Conversations On Reproductive Health

The annual campaign includes a survey addressing young people's access to quality birth control information in 2023.

Male Birth Control Shot Reportedly Passes Clinical Trials And Could Be Available As Early As 2020

Just one injection is effective for approximately 13 years!

Woman Says Her Birth Control Implant Was Lost In Her Arm For Months And Required Invasive Removal

Kelly King is warning against this form of contraception.

Trump Slammed For Rescinding Mandate Requiring Coverage Of Free Contraceptives

Here’s why #HandsOffMyBirthControl is trending.

Hey Ladies!: You Should Get An IUD Before Trump Gets Sworn In

Birth control is under attack under this new administration.

CDC Tells Women Not to Drink Unless They're on Birth Control

Is this an extreme expectation?