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Four strategies to move toward the same financial future.
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These programs can help you provide for your family.
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Things to consider before you talk to lenders.
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Thousands of African-Americans’ home loans have stalled.
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Strategies to build up your wealth for every stage of life.
Lawsuits Allege HSBC, Bank of America Discriminated Against Blacks

American Money: Government Offers Aid for Homeowners Struggling to Pay Mortgages

There is still help available for cash-strapped Americans.
Higher Interest Rates for All - There has been a lot of talk and back and forth between lawmakers about the potentially catastrophic consequences if the nation’s debt limit isn’t raised and the U.S. defaults on its debts. But individual Americans also would be impacted in ways they can ill afford. Here are some of the ways their lives would likely be impacted.People who apply for or are currently paying off home and auto loans and credit cards will be hit with higher interest rates. And because those rates are expected to rise significantly, African-Americans will have even less access to loans than they do now.(Photo: REUTERS/Stelios Varias)

American Money: Alternative Ways to Build Credit

Can you build credit without a credit card?