U.S. Department of Justice

DOJ Files Proposal In Federal Court To Install Third Party Manager For Jackson, Miss. Water System

Residents of the majority Black city have suffered decades of unsafe drinking water.

Nigerian Influencer ‘Ray Hushpuppi’ Gets 11 Years In Prison For Money Laundering

Ramon Abbas, who flaunted his criminal-funded lifestyle online, express remorse in a handwritten letter to the judge.

Black, Minority Farmers Sue Government For Breach Of Contract

The lawsuit alleges that the government broke a promise to compensate them for many decades of racial discrimination.

Ohio Man Convicted By Feds After Scamming Over $800,000 From Investors Posing As African Prince

Daryl Robert Harrison ran the con for over six years.

DOJ Launches Federal Civil Rights Investigation Into Shocking Arkansas Arrest Caught On Camera

Randal Worcester’s head filmed having his head being bashed into the concrete.

DOJ Charges Louisville Police Officers Who Killed Breonna Taylor With Conspiracy, Making False Statements, And Unreasonable Force

The Department of Justice also has a wider investigation open into the “patterns and practices” of the entire LMPD.

Biden Says Feds May Oversee Investigation Into Police Shooting Of Jayland Walker

‘The Justice Department will take the appropriate action’ if violations are found, the president says.

Family of Emmett Till Urges Department of Justice to Reopen the Investigation of 1955 Lynching

The 1955 killing of the 14-year-old Chicago boy has gone nearly 70 years without anyone being convicted, but his family still wants to see someone held accountable.

Feds Hire Black Prosecutor To Step Up Probe Into Theft Of Billions In COVID Relief Funds

“People bought vacation homes, Bentleys and Rolexes,” Kevin Chambers says.