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OPINION: So a Black Congresswoman Hired Security – Where’s The Crime In That?

Missouri Rep. Cori Bush is under scrutiny for hiring her husband for protection, but that comes at a time when threats to lawmakers are real, especially in this political climate.

DOJ Investigating Rep. Cori Bush Over Alleged Misuse of Campaign Funds

The Missouri Democrat is accused of using campaign funds to pay for her personal security detail which included her husband, who was a part of the team.

California Hate Crimes Increase 20 Percent In 2022, According To Report

Hate crimes against Black Americans rose 27.1% from 513 in 2021 to 652 in 2022.

DOJ: Alabama Ignored Environmental Issues That Affected Black Residents

The state has pledged to improve the infrastructure of wastewater in rural areas.

FBI Annual Report on Hate Crimes Finds Black People Are Most Victimized

The agency’s annual report was updated to include more reporting from across the country.

Congressional Black Caucus Demands Justice Department Response Around Police Brutality

The representatives want the agency to comment on a presidential executive order on police accountability.

DOJ Files Proposal In Federal Court To Install Third Party Manager For Jackson, Miss. Water System

Residents of the majority Black city have suffered decades of unsafe drinking water.

Nigerian Influencer ‘Ray Hushpuppi’ Gets 11 Years In Prison For Money Laundering

Ramon Abbas, who flaunted his criminal-funded lifestyle online, express remorse in a handwritten letter to the judge.

Black, Minority Farmers Sue Government For Breach Of Contract

The lawsuit alleges that the government broke a promise to compensate them for many decades of racial discrimination.

Ohio Man Convicted By Feds After Scamming Over $800,000 From Investors Posing As African Prince

Daryl Robert Harrison ran the con for over six years.