Why Michigan Church Paid $100,000 To a Local Black Community

The First Presbyterian Church of Lansing raised the money as an act of "repentance, reconciliation, and reparations" for African Americans in their city.

Cornel West Focuses on Battleground State Michigan In His Presidential Campaign

The renowned scholar and activist is hoping to appeal to Black and Arab-American voters who are disgruntled with the Biden Administration.

Hill Harper Explains His Ambitious Bid For U.S. Senate and Says Now is the Right Time

Known as an actor, author, and activist, he is now one of several seeking the open Senate seat in Michigan and believes he is up for the challenge.
Police line on BET Buzz 2021

Michigan Police Prompt Outrage After Detaining a Black Child Taking Out Trash

The Lansing Police Department called the situation an “unfortunate case of ‘wrong place, wrong time.’”

Hill Harper Is Running For U.S. Senate – But Here’s What You Might Not Know

The actor, author and activist wants to serve Michigan in Congress. But his path has been an interesting one.

Michigan Grieving After Body Of 2-Year-Old Girl Found Slain

Wynter Cole Smith was found dead after a three-day search by authorities.

Michigan Local NAACP Chapter To March In Memorial Day Parade After Ban Overturned

The NAACP was excluded from the Greater Muskegon Memorial Day Parade due to a ban on political groups.

Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist Has A Vision For Criminal Justice Reform, And Explains How He’ll See It Through

The state’s first Black lieutenant governor helped to spearhead Michigan’s Clean Slate Law to help low-level offenders.

Murder Mystery: Everything We Know About The Missing Michigan Rappers Found Fatally Shot

‘This was no random incident,’ investigators said after finding the bodies in an abandoned building.

Michigan Man Speaks Out After Spending 15 Years Behind Bars For A Murder He Did Not Commit

In 2007, C'Quan Hinton was arrested while in high school. Today is his first birthday as a free man since he was 17.

Former Officer Requests For Patrick Lyoya Wrongful Death Suit To Be Dismissed Under Qualified Immunity

The African immigrant was killed by Grand Rapids police at only 26 years old.