Police Arrest N.C. Man Who Allegedly Shot A 6-Year-Old After Basketball Rolls Into His Yard

Robert Louis Singletary turned himself into the authorities on Thursday in Tampa, Florida.

#OnTheVerge: Taleban Dooda Is Turning A Rough Tampa Past Into Success And Beyond

The Florida rapper is only 20, but he’s primed to be the next big thing out of the Sunshine State.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Wide Receiver Antonio Brown Facing Arrest Over Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

Brown also allegedly barricaded himself in the house as police tried to get a handle on what happened.

Man Accused of Brutally Killing Girlfriend, Daughter, Stabbing Son, Defends Self In Court, Yells At Jury

Ronnie Oneal III says he is being set up.

Video Of A Black Student Giving His White Professor A Durag Sparked A Positive Discussion On Educating People About Different Cultures

"He was willing to learn and didn’t say anything offensive."

Transgender Woman India Clarke Murdered in Tampa

The 25-year-old was found beaten to death.

Commentary: How Did the DNC Turn Out?

How did Team Obama compare to the Republicans?
Keith Boykin, Best of 2012

Commentary: Was This the Convention That Will Re-elect Obama?

In the battle of conventions, President Obama won.
Keith Boykin, Best of 2012

Commentary: Clinton Hands Off the Baton to Obama for the Win

The former president sets the stage for Obama.

Commentary: The Disturbing Picture From Tampa

The convention is largely white and highly conservative.