Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap Gives First Interview From Prison

The New Jersey rapper shares insights from behind bars, discussing his motivations, providing for his family, learning from mistakes, and the unexpected guidance he received while incarcerated, cautioning fans against similar pitfalls.

Fetty Wap Prison Photos Surface

The New Jersey rapper is currently serving a six-year sentence.

Fetty Wap Receives Six-Year Sentence After Pleading Guilty To Drug Charge

The punishment was in-between the mandatory minimum and what prosecutors were arguing for.

Fetty Wap Says He Turned To Crime To Support Family Members

The New Jersey rapper asked for a minimum prison sentence, noting he’s ‘truly sorry.’

Fetty Wap Goes Viral With ‘Sweet Yamz’ Song While Locked Up

The New Jersey rapper released the song for the holidays while in jail awaiting sentencing on drug charges

Fetty Wap Gives An Update To His Fans On How He’s Holding Up In Prison With An Audio Message

He is currently behind bars for a federal drug charge.

Fetty Wap Faces Minimum Of Five Years In Prison For Federal Drug Charge

The rapper pled guilty to one count of intent to distribute controlled substances including cocaine, heroin and fentanyl.

Not Again! Fetty Wap’s Bail Revoked For Allegedly Threatening Behavior On A FaceTime Call

The rapper was arrested after somebody sent a recording of the call to the FBI.

Fetty Wap Arrested At Newark Airport

An ankle monitor alert notified authorities.