wealth gap

Study: Black And White Wealth Gap In New York Is Wider Than First Thought

The report states that White households have a median net worth of almost 15 times higher than Black households in the state and city.

What’s In The New CRA Rules That Are Intended Finally To End Discriminatory Lending Practices?

Some fair housing advocates say federal banking regulators missed an opportunity with its new rule overhaul.

Black-Owned OneUnited Bank Introduces AI Companion For Their Customers

WiseOne® Insights is the first AI product launched by a Black bank.

Federal Survey Shows Spike In Black Household Wealth During Pandemic

Despite the increase, the racial wealth gap remains vast.

Why Black Unemployment Fell To A Record Low In Recent Jobs Report

Historically, the Black unemployment rate has been twice that of White Americans.

As SVB Collapse Shows Cracks In Banking System, Technology Gap Puts Black-Owned Banks At Risk

As the world responds to Silicon Valley Bank’s crash, the crisis continues for Black banks.

Explainer: Many Black Americans View Capitalism Negatively, But There Are Reasons New Study Shows

The racial wealth gap has roots in a long history of discrimination, according to Pew Research.

Study: Black-Owned Homes Appreciated Faster Than Other Races During Pandemic

The racial home value gap is shrinking but remains wide.

Study: Black Homeownership Trends Higher But Still Below 1980 Level

This stagnation is a main contributor to the racial wealth gap that has persisted since emancipation, researchers say.

BET Debuts ‘INDEX’ Video Series

Watch the premiere episode discussing Black homeownership.

NAACP President: Racial Wealth Gap 'Greatest Barrier' To Achieving MLK's Dream

Derrick Johnson urges passage of student debt relief legislation as a tool to address the racial wealth gap.