Jury Convicts Three Georgia Defendants In Shooting Death Of Ahmaud Arbery

Father and Son Greg and Travis McMichael and neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan face life behind bars.

OPINION: Why The Kyle Rittenhouse Homicide Trial Was Little More Than A Controlled Circus

The recipient of judicial benevolence in such an embarrassing trial was likely to have escaped responsibility no matter what.

Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted of Deadly 2020 Kenosha Protest Shootings

He claimed self defense in the shooting that took two lives and injured another person, while also claiming to be defending property.

Defense Rests In Ahmaud Arbery Slaying Trial, Closing Arguments Expected

The accused shooter testified that he didn’t feel threatened when he fired his shotgun.

NY Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Ban Prosecutors From Using Rap Lyrics as Evidence

Sen. Brad Holyman and Sen. Jamaal Bailey of New York City introduced their “rap music on trial” legislation to the Senate on Nov. 17.

Accuser Testifies R. Kelly Forced Her To Have Sex With Another Man

She said she was trained to publicly defend him.

Man Sentenced To 50 Years For Murdering Black Transgender Teen Brayla Stone

She was among the 44 transgender homicide victims in 2020.

That’s Game: The NBA Foundation Is Driving Economic Empowerment In Communities of Color Through More Than $5 Million In Grants

The league’s work toward a more equitable world continues.

Simone Biles’ Brother Is Acquitted of Murder Charges, But Victim’s Mother Reacts Angrily in Court

He was accused of fatally shooting three men in 2018.

Derek Chauvin Makes Federal Court Appearance On Civil Rights Violation Charges

He waived his right to a detention hearing.

Ex-Police Officer Charged in Daunte Wright Shooting Makes First Court Appearance

Kim Potter faced a judge via Zoom with her attorney.